The Pope goes to Turkey

Two days ago, the Pope was rectifying his immature political stances towards Muslims by welcoming Turks into Europe (It’s not because you’re Muslims that you can’t be in the civilized world, that sort of argument), and calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’. But yesterday, next to the “house where the Virgin Mary is thought to […]

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Aussies do it with a smile…

This gun-toting smiley-faced beer-bellied charmer is the very same Trevor Flugge who headed the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) when it was lining Saddam’s pockets to secure wheat sales during the oil-for-food program. The morally-unblemished-especially-in-Iraq Americans are outraged. But is it moral outrage or the smell of $$?

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Hippity-Hoppity: LA and DC …

Palestinian-Filipino-American Hip-Hop Champs THE PHILISTINES & Notoriously Offensive Sudani / Syiran MCs THE N.O.M.A.D.S. are back from a groundbreaking performance in AMMAN, JORDAN…and ready to close off 2006 with a blast! DEC. 9 – LOS ANGELES The PHILISTINES, Omar Offendum, EXCENTRIK, & live funk band the LEGITIMATES ~Also: DJ Myson, MC RAI, Souk Sonic and […]

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Kiss of Death …?

“The United States relationship with Lebanon ‘remains firm, enduring and non-negotiable,’ the embassy statement said.” Why do we wait for the cusp of a break-up before we say the sweetest things to our paramours?

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I Am All for Propaganda …

Just not retarded propaganda that does not pass the smell test of a deaf, blind child … To be fair, this bit of ridiculousness is not aimed at audiences in the Middle East or anywhere else, but rather the product of some nasty bureaucratic infighting within the empire … I guess the crazies of the […]

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LF training camp

Lebanese Army Intelligence has reported that it arrested member of the Lebanese Forces during a military training in Kisrawan (in the region of Bahchouch – Jroud). It was mentioned on NTV and Al Manar.

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Beirut’s Bolsheviks …

So I am told that March 14 represents the majority, and March 8 the minority, but that leaves me with one question: 1) Why do the choreographers of that continuing technicolor exercise in mass delusion known as the Independence05 movement sound like heralds of the apocalypse, while Hizbullah and its allies sound like housewives organizing […]

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Let’s not split heirs

To the Lebanese who can only find unity in disunity & blaming external players: please, take a minute to look within. A right place to begin. If it weren’t for our own sheikhs, beiks & heirs & the fissures they propagate, we might have a semblance of a self-respecting state. They slip through your cracks […]

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As The World Turns …

The rise of a powerful and wealthy resources-based corporate state in Russia (“sovereign democracy”), its rapidly expanding control over global strategic resources, and the resultant loss of leadership and control of the global oil market by the West’s oil majors are developments that move directly against the very foundations of the US-led oil-market order and […]

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History, the only lesson man has

By the way, did you know that Ghassan Tueni called the Shia the “proletarians of the earth”? Yes, these were the good old days: On the 18 of March of the year 1974, Ghassan Tueni’s Annahar column was titled: “The Shi’a are the proletarians of the earth, apparently the most submissive class, but the most […]

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Tears and Gossiping from Beirut

Here is what I heard from friends in Lebanon: Michel Aoun tried to call several times the Gemayel family to give his condoleances but Amin refused to talk to him. Meanwhile, the French TV LCI reported very weirdly enough that Aoun did not want to call Gemayel for condoleances. Why would they report such a […]

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non-verbal communication

OK, so there’s grief in here. There’s also wide eyes, excessive rigidity, and an arm held out (in Roman salute or otherwise). Averted eyes? Covering one’s vital organs? Hands clasped together? There’s so much going on in this picture. I’m no expert, but I do know these variously signify (in no particular order) defensiveness, evaluation, […]

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Get some sense you people!

Important update: Advised by hilal, this very good post by Jij, that sums up in a much nicer way (that man can write!) the current situation. I advise you to read it carefully, I basically agree with everything he says. Now if you still want to read a similar opinion but written in a much […]

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Who said Israel is not expansionist?

And this is only for the West Bank: A new study conducted by left-wing group Peace Now has found that approximately 40 percent of settlements, including long-standing communities, are built on private Palestinian land and not on state-owned land. In a press conference held in Jerusalem on Tuesday, the group presented a report asserting that […]

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The ways of the lord are impenetrable

An American priest and nun spent several hours yesterday at a Palestinian militant’s home that Israel has targeted for destruction, the first foreigners to join a weeklong standoff between Palestinian “human shields” and the Israel Air Force. Father Peter Dougherty, 65, and Sister Mary Ellen Gundeck, 55, Michigan-based peace activists, said they were sent by […]

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no news is good news, no?

No News: So, the official civilian death toll in Iraq for October was 3079. Never mind focusing the camera on the living (hell). Numbers are easier to digest. Disturbing, but a fine substitute for Sudoku when you’re stuck for ideas. No News: The murder of Gaza continues. Israeli business as usual with “targeted assassinations” reliably […]

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The good, the bad and the ugly

A good press title “Is syria this suicidal?“. A question worth thinking about to counter the quasi-conviction of the “anti-Syrians” that it is them who did it without even allowing time for some elements of investigation to emerge.A bad press title “Lebanon slaying complicates U.S hopes“. These hopes being of course the falacious idea that […]

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the pull of extremities

Looking at the Australian history wars, I couldn’t help but share this little bite: Among the many types of public intellectuals, there is a curious category to which Windschuttle belongs: disillusioned former ultra-leftists who begin to move to the right and, because of a temperamental incapacity for moderation, are incapable of stopping until they reach […]

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Israeli Enlightenment

Scroll down for more updates Zvi Bar’el at his best: However pure political and diplomatic logic makes it difficult to see Damascus behind the assassination. The day Gemayel was killed, Syria chalked up one of its most significant diplomatic achievements since its defeat in Lebanon in April 2005: the renewal of full diplomatic relations with […]

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