Remarks to share

I am trying to summarize what is always in the back of my mind when I think of political issues in the Middle East: 1- How do social movements emerge in this region and do we have cases where they succeeded in changing the status-quo? To what extent are Hizbullah and other movements a manifestation […]

Democracy and its discontents

German infamous Catholic pope hopes that “democratic Lebanon will survive” according to Naharnet. First, note what Naharnet decided to lead its article with: out of everything the pope said on this glorious Christmas day, it may have found the biggest stupidity uttered. Seriously do these people think (Naharnet and the Pope) that all these people […]


I hear it (from a seriously reliable source) that Druze MP Walid Jumblatt is unrelentingly trying to get in touch with our sister (sourya el shakika) next door. But to no avail, it seems that the Syrians are really fed up this time.7aram Jumblatt… he was close to winning everything (the climax was the 14th […]

Civil war in Palestine

That’s it, ask any Irish he would have told you long ago that the Palestinians would end up in this situation once occupation last so long that parties once opposed to such occupation would end up finding common grounds with the occupation because of vested interests at stake. There are no secrets to understand Aristotle’s […]