France and antisemitism: It’s the politics stupid!

The recent events in France betray the primacy of the political (and not religious) dimension in the way different communities, groups, and states have handled (and have been handled in) this affair. One facet is Israel’s urge to profit from the situation and attract a few more Jews to the promised homeland to which France […]

The new Frenchman in the East

Well, it turns out that there may well be interesting developments in French politics with the arrival of Nicholas Sarkozy as president. The French envoy Jean-Claude Cousseran who was roaming around the backdoors of Syrian government buidings around the time Mustaqbal deputy Walid Eido was killed, turns out to have a history of confrontation with […]

A Lover’s Rectangle …? Or Maybe Rhombus or Shit, Is That a Trapezoid …

Just another menage-a-trois at a parisian salon? Non, mon petit, never underestimate frankish philandering: P.S.: Query: How come Christopher Marlowe never talked about the nice threads Dr. Faustus got to wear? Necromancy has its benefits, indeed. P.P.S.: Lest one think I spend my time perusing Saida’s weeklies, I should thank my “anonymous” source inside the […]

Thanks to Jumblat and Hariri begging, Chirac will push for Geagea?

So Druze feudal warlord Walid Jumblatt and Sunni oligarch Saad Hariri are pushing French corrupted (in part by the lavish payments of Hariri family) and arms dealer president Jacques Chirac to accept civil war long-time militia-man extreme Christian wacko Samir Geagea as a most appropriate candidate for the presidency of Lebanon? And so Chirac meets […]