And now for a quick commercial break

On LBC, every night and especially during the news broadcast there is a very interesting ad that inevitably attracts our senses. It’s the first commercial break and reporters have just finished talking about the most awful stuff happening during the day in Lebanon (destruction of infrastructure, killing of civilians, economic disaster etc.) when the nice […]

Remarks from Nasrallah’s latest speech

Hezbollah’s SG Hassan Nasrallah confirmed yesterday in a TV speech that some Lebanese factions are giving information to the Israeli forces. He did not mention names, unlike we in this blog who pointed out that 20 Lebanese Forces (LF) members were arrested a couple of days ago with a whole set of material resembling those […]

Hizbullah and civilians …

Here is a good piece on how Hizbullah operates militarily in Lebanon … While my knowledge of this subject is highly limited, the article confirms what I had always suspected from my very superficial understanding of the issue and travels in southern Lebanon and serves as a strong counter-weight to recent Israeli efforts to blame […]