Meanwhile in Turkey

I see that they have some of that in Turkey too. Good, Lebanon is no exception. ‘Western’ journalists just love it: pick up on the female bourgeoisie of an ‘Eastern’ country as a sign of ‘modernism’, when all there is to it is profound decadence. I will write more on the Turkish question and the […]

Ziad Makhoul should be behind bars

I’m sorry but with a title like this “Va, venge et deviens”, you should be locked and kept away from causing public nuisance. This is a simple call to gratuitous physical violence that involves some transcendental experience. I seriously don’t understand how nobody checks on what this guy writes. Does it mean that no one […]

A Connoisseuse of Slugs: A Poetic Interlude …

When I was a connoisseuse of slugsI would part the ivy leaves, and look for thenaked jelly of those gold bodies, translucent strangers glistening along the stones, slowly, their gelatinous bodies at my mercy. Made mostly of water, they would shrivel to nothing if they were sprinkled with salt, but I was not interested in […]

They all meet under one roof

Would you believe me if I told you that the Daily Star has written an article on former PM Mikati mother’s death, and who went to give him condolences? The title of the article is no less important: “Leaders mourn late mother of ex-PM Mikati”. Wait, maybe his mother was kind of an important figure […]