Update on the AIPAC affair

According to Forward, it is definitely a FBI set up, and reflects a struggle within the US administration. It is interesting to see how the struggle is no more understood as being between American ‘nationalists’ and Dual-allegiance (American+Israeli) dudes such as neocons, but between the Intelligence community (the “old sick man”) and the neoconservatives “tout […]

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Daniel Pipes still pissed

Now that Arafat is dead, the US should severely resist the temptation of sending any kind of aid to the Palestinian according to Daniel Pipes, board member of the United States Institute for “PEACE”. More so, this article is posted on Israel’s Hasbara Committee site…

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Al Manar Mystified

I was sure we could find a thinktank scholar behind the recent turbulences over Al Manar’s effects. Check here for a summary of the case (with an opinion that could be acceptable). And here the guy that could have (in part of course) made this possible. The guy: Avi Jorish, has another article in the […]

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US Defense update

“It’s all about Defense” in this article. The industry apparently has registered exceptional peaks in profit and share prices. The article is written by Richard Sparks from Schaeffer’s Investment Research, it includes nice tables where you can find all the bad guys.

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other atrocities

So among abuses scandals that have been denounced by the FBI, can someone explain what’s the logic behind wrapping detainees in Israeli flag? FBI agents are increasingly complaining about what they consider abusive physical and mental torture by military officials against prisoners held in Iraq and Cuba, including lighted cigarettes stuck in detainees’ ears and […]

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Saudi Lobby firm raided

It seems that [t]he Justice Department has opened a politically sensitive investigation into allegations that the Saudi government, working through a prominent Washington public-relations firm, deceptively financed an advertising campaign promoting Crown Prince Abdullah’s Middle East peace plan What’s going on exactly? check it here. So one we raid the Israeli lobby and then we […]

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Which one first Syria or Iran

The biggest point of argument within the neocons is whether to pressure Syria or Iran first. Whether to go in from porous Lebanon, neutralize Syria and Hezbollah, or rather grab the big fish While Michael Ledeen is fixated on Iran, William Kristol just requested immediate intervention in Syria. Their Lebanese clone Walid Phares argues likewise […]

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Military Industry update

Apparently, European defense firms are increasingly buying in the US market. French, British, and Italian. I wonder how this will impact on American Foreign policy one day. It can have gloomy as well as happy repercussions. no one knows for sure.. I’m also reading a book (2004) by François Missen on the Carlyle Group from […]

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En vrac

A comprehensive article on the failure to implement democracies by waging wars . The Neoconservative theory of democratization by the rule of the fist was also attacked by chief ideologue Fukuyama a while ago. This is just to keep track of the debate at the “ideational” level. The worse level. Meanwhile, the Israeli spy affair […]

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