Update on the AIPAC affair

According to Forward, it is definitely a FBI set up, and reflects a struggle within the US administration. It is interesting to see how the struggle is no more understood as being between American ‘nationalists’ and Dual-allegiance (American+Israeli) dudes such as neocons, but between the Intelligence community (the “old sick man”) and the neoconservatives “tout […]

Daniel Pipes still pissed

Now that Arafat is dead, the US should severely resist the temptation of sending any kind of aid to the Palestinian according to Daniel Pipes, board member of the United States Institute for “PEACE”. More so, this article is posted on Israel’s Hasbara Committee site…

Al Manar Mystified

I was sure we could find a thinktank scholar behind the recent turbulences over Al Manar’s effects. Check here for a summary of the case (with an opinion that could be acceptable). And here the guy that could have (in part of course) made this possible. The guy: Avi Jorish, has another article in the […]

National Endowment for Democracy and others

For those who care about Arab ‘political’ and ‘economic’ reforms, you should know that the number one agency working on the issue is the National Endowment for Democracy. Here is an interesting article that depicts the pedigree of this organization in Latin America. Its title? “National Endowment for Death Squads”… Although the author uses simplistic […]