No more clusters

Dear friends, dear Comrades, Over 2.8Million submunitions were dropped over Lebanese territory. Up to 40% ofthese have not yet exploded. Since the August 14 ceasefire, 151 people havebeen maimed or killed by these weapons. WE INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE in the first national day against CLUSTER MUNITIONSon SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH at Martyr’s Square Area, across […]

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Hamas, Israelis, and some silencers

According to Israeli TV (and reported by Annahar) some Hamas officials met with Israelis last month and tried to convince them to recognize the party as a possible negotiating Palestinian stating that Fatah has no power. The Israeli present were people from the Oslo accord. Great so on the one hand we have Annahar getting […]

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Artistic prostitution

On october 22 an artistic event took place in Paris to raise funds for the humanitarian relief efforts in Lebanon. An overall very positive gesture undoubtably. However some aspects of it are highly critisizable and from my personal perspective utterly revolting.As it is often the case the power and importance of culture through art is […]

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Americans playing the "blaming the other" Lebanese game

Now that’s really pitiful: A well-known U.S. official said Thursday that Syria was preparing an “intimidating political campaign” to overthrow Premier Fouad Saniora’s government through Gen. Michel Aoun and his allies. Quick bullet points:– This dude is so “well-known” that we don’t even know him.– How in the hell is Syria going to “politically intimidate” […]

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Bush ‘death’ applauded

Before you dance around in your pyjamas with glee & guilt (because enlightened people don’t condone killing), the headline describes how the new film Death of a President was received, a whodunit documentary which takes as its central premise the fictitious assassination of the (unfortunately) real George W Bush. Speaking of George, it seems fences […]

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Russia’s deep political thinking

The Russian ambassador in Lebanon retorted to a question on whether Hezbollah was getting weapons from Russia via Syria saying that the resistance group is getting weapons from god knows where including the US and Israel. It is good to receive a political basic knowledge update from a Russian, something all the Israeli (or Lebanese […]

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Al-Akhbar overdid it this time

Ok let’s continue on the list of unexpected criticisms. Today Al-Akhbar ran a front page story on the traffic jams following the “Eid”. It could have been a stand alone picture, but no, there a guy rambled on for I don’t know how many pages describing a usual traffic jam. Why you might ask? Well […]

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Patriotic Lebanese songs

This post is being re-worked on to reflect the discussions that are taking place in the comment’s section. The main point of this post was to deconstruct some of the main images that are present in nationalistic songs and criticize a general culture of the nation fed by “art producers” when reality is much less […]

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If you happen to pass by the site of Loubnanouna, a new political party founded by young vigorous Lebanese Christian militants, you may pause for a second and think if these dudes are talking about the same country as the other dudes that you hear more often today. Well, this may not seem surprising at […]

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Eid Mubarak

It makes me think that the extent to which religious or other celebrations are celebrated pompously is positively correlated with the wealth of a particular social class. Think of it this way, a couple of years ago (let’s say a decade at the very least) it was Christmas that was really occupying the minds of […]

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More clusters

3 month after the Israelis finally find proof of Hezbollah’s use of cluster bombs during the july conflict, providing a clear and definite argument among fascist cricles that Hezbollah is indeed a terror group that uses dreadful methods against the poor innocent civil victims of their country. Why did it take so much time to […]

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French terror

Soon we will miss Jack Chirac (!!!). Not exactly of course but just because the next French president might be madman Nicolas Sarkozy. I would surely try to flee far away from this country, imitating an american musician who once told me: “I left Texas when Bush became governor, I left America when Bush became […]

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Age of Empires

It makes me burst in inner laughter when I see how afraid the western world is when facing the North Korean nuclear uprising. Of course I don’t consider it to be good thing overall, but how is France for example threatened by these weapons? Do you imagine North Korea attacking France? Walking in Paris these […]

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Americans are about to become 300 millions according to this Libération article. It is published in their “earth” section that mostly deals with ecological issues, and for them this is total bad news for the rest of the planet. Referring mostly to studies by the CEP (center for environment and population) these are the facts […]

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Who Needs Euro-Disney When You Can …

Experience a dynamic and intensive eight day exploration of Israel’s struggle for survival and security in the Middle East today. Briefings by Mossad officials and Shin Bet commanders. Briefing by officers in the IDF Intelligence and Operations branches. Inside tour of the IAF unit who carries out targeted killings. Live exhibition of penetration raids in […]

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Calling for Graduate Testimonials

The Rambler is deciding between the following courses, as detailed in The Middle-East Diplomatic Gymnastics Academy calendar, and would like some graduate testimonials. Graduate Certificate in Gumshoe Social LinguisticsThis is a special interest course. If you’re an Arab outside the Middle-East, you will be able to effectively butter your dinner roll in silence when others […]

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