No more clusters

Dear friends, dear Comrades, Over 2.8Million submunitions were dropped over Lebanese territory. Up to 40% ofthese have not yet exploded. Since the August 14 ceasefire, 151 people havebeen maimed or killed by these weapons. WE INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE in the first national day against CLUSTER MUNITIONSon SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH at Martyr’s Square Area, across […]

Hamas, Israelis, and some silencers

According to Israeli TV (and reported by Annahar) some Hamas officials met with Israelis last month and tried to convince them to recognize the party as a possible negotiating Palestinian stating that Fatah has no power. The Israeli present were people from the Oslo accord. Great so on the one hand we have Annahar getting […]

Peretz appointed Egyptian defense minister

Following reports that Egypt would deploy 5000 additional soldiers on the Gaza border to protect its citizens from Israeli air raids against arms smuggling, and despite the fact that Israeli defense ministry officials admitted that they where “unaware” of such a plan, Amir Peretz declared that: Beyond the 750 Egyptian border troops deployed in the […]

Artistic prostitution

On october 22 an artistic event took place in Paris to raise funds for the humanitarian relief efforts in Lebanon. An overall very positive gesture undoubtably. However some aspects of it are highly critisizable and from my personal perspective utterly revolting.As it is often the case the power and importance of culture through art is […]