Bernard Lewis revealed

By myself, In an article that you can for now find at Tribune Libanaise. I try to trace the CORROSIVE influence Lewis had on Academia as well as on Media in the shaping of a simplified and chauvinistic world-view of historical and current Middle East. Please comments are welcome here and at the Tribune website. […]

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An Israeli struck by reason

An excellent article by Zvi Bar’el that makes fun of cultural arguments as espoused by American hawkish circles in a very very interesting way: t is definitely confusing. Up until three months ago, it was clear to everyone that the Sunnis were the enemies of the United States and the new Iraqi government. Up until […]

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what a wonderful world

Arabs (of course not Syrians) and Israelis are going to walk hand in hand to see how to ‘develop the Middle East’ at the World Economic Forum taking the next three days in beautiful resorts on the shores of the dead sea: The pope has sent a representative. OPEC dispatched its president. Top Israeli and […]

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political economy of Oil

A very interesting article with a thorough historical overview debunking some of the myths around American politics of Oil. The US is less dependent on Middle East oil than one would think, and that the classical leftist argument, that the war was to control oil resource is far from being a rigorous one. It is […]

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Why Galloway?

because of this: There is little doubt that the neocons in the British Labor Party are working hand-in-glove with people like Coleman and his neocon friends and political supporters in AIPAC to punish Galloway and make it hard for him to use his reinstated House of Commons platform to launch expected fierce broadsides against Blair and other pro-Iraq […]

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AIPAC again making the headlines

For a complete list of bad deeds click here.And here’s a taste of it: AIPAC has also lobbied heavily for U.S. funding of various Israeli weapons programs, including its Arrow missile defense system. Its Web site explains: “Since 1990 the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense Organization have cooperated to develop […]

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History repeats itself

According to Sami Moubayed: all the actors of Beirut 1990 are still there. Former president Amin Gemayel, who appointed Aoun prime minister in 1988, upsetting tradition in Lebanon because Aoun was a Maronite, is still there. Patriarch Man Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, who worked for Aoun’s downfall, is also still in religious office. Ex-prime minister Salim […]

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Academic Bias

An exhaustive article on pro-Israeli bias on American campus high in colors and links. For those who need a rigorous introduction into the other side of “liberty” in the US.

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US strategy in the Middle East

Check out this good (and lengthy!) article published not long ago in Haaretz. It gives a realist (slight israeli bias) account of what the US plans to do here and the challenges that awaits key countries on a case by case basis. A lot of Shia/Sunni talk can be found, showing a direct acknowledgement of […]

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back from a long trip

I have been busy playing music and waiting to see who’s going to take charge in my country. Seems that nothing much has changed. Just a minor power reshuffle. I mean no significant changes could be expected to occur for the average people like myself and many others in Lebanon.I have stopped reading the news […]

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