Chauvinism, the Lebanese way

An interesting article was issued by Reuters which made it in several newspapers on the fate of those syrian workers who ran to their home country or got killed, harrassed, etc.But beyond these stupid acts, lies an interesting economic observation.Although analysts say that as much as the Lebanese resent the Syrians, they perform a much […]

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Attaturk and Putin

An article in the Moscow Times finds great similarities between the two men. I don’t know to which extent I disagree (reforms, “westernization”, nationalism, etc.) but one thing is for sure, Putin is not ashamed of his country’s culture and past, something that Attaturk has proven assiduously. Hell, anyone’s up for changing the alphabet of […]

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Mounting Sunnis against Shias (update)

Well just open newspapers daily and you’ll always find articles that indirectly contribute to the growing resentment between both sects. For example, check this article in the “Australian” (from a journalist in Jerusalem) that points to Iran (via Hezbollah) as the number one contributor to palestinian violence, when even Fath has back off. Also, this […]

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Israel and US defense establishment

After some skirmishes over the Chinese Arms deals it’s all being worked: Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz will meet senior Bush administration officials in Washington today. In meetings with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, Mofaz will try to resolve disagreements between the US and Israeli defense establishments over Israel’s […]

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