from the anecdote file

where we find the joys of being a researcher on Hizbullah Buy one of the many cds of Hizbullah ‘chants’ (anashid). For example, the volume 12 of Firkat el Asra’,, Al Moqawama wal Tahrir. Open it, and rip the cd on Windows media player. The software checks for titles through its search engine. When you […]

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Front page of Al-Akhbar today

In front of the parliament, a Sukleen worker cleans… Update: Just noticed that l’Orient le Jour had a very similar picture on its front page but with this as a caption: “une place de l’Étoile noyée au cœur de l’interminable sit-in de l’opposition et totalement déserte”…

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The 112 cars

so Cara tells me that the ‘police force’ in Beirut is doing a good job with their new American gift, the nissan pathfinder. Yesterday night, they spotted two (probably Ethiopian) girls going up towards the Sofil center (in Ashrafieh Beirut), and they started harassing them, asking them for their papers, why they were there walking […]

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Rare are the times when I find someone to cut my hair as I would like it. Rarer (if not exceptional) are the times when I watch the broadcasting of an explosion while I’m diligently explaining to the ‘barber’ not to go too short on my neck. The place was quickly invaded by a bunch […]

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About language and an anecdote

Moussa has just asked me a weird question. And I really did not know how to answer. Do you guys happen to know what a “Makari” – مكاري – is in Arabic? It happens to signify the guy who rents donkeys. What? Yes.. not the guy who rides, or owns, or sells, or even buys, […]

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National consciousness

Here I just want to throw some ideas around. I have been meaning to write something but the fact that I am trying to produce my miserable thesis does not permit me to invest to many neurones around here. So scattered thoughts here they are: Let me start with the obvious: Today the Lebanese state […]

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The previous post has been deleted because I was assuming something in order to say that a journalist was a moron, but it turns out that there was chance that this guy was doing sarcasm. Although the whole article plays on this sarcastic note, I became convinced that it was sarcasm, so without further deliberation […]

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La vérité de la palice

When the usually Israeli-apologist Human right Watch actually makes the point that Hizbullah did not use civilians as human shields in the latest war and that Israel unjustifiably bombed civilian areas, one must pause and give credit. The distinction is all the more clear in HRW declarations where they say that Hizbullah officials and fighter […]

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What a nice feeling it is to spend one day (Friday 31st) in Baalbeck without it being about either the Roman ruins or some insipid concert taking place inside the ruins. It was really something to start walking towards the entrance of the city, pass by the columns to your left but continuing straight into […]

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