Viva Erdogan

Read here the pathetic attitude of Israelis, and European officials, after Turkish PM Erdogan summed up Israeli realities to Shimon Peres at Davos:

According to one report, senior European officials said, “Erdogan wants to be part of the European Union, but now he can forget about it.”

But just for the history books, let’s remember together what Erdogan said to Peres: “Your voice is too high… it betrays a tormented criminal conscience”. This is what can be called “cutting the grass under your feet”. If you can take a masterclass in rhetoric with this guy I’d say don’t even think about it twice.

Nota bene: Amr Moussa! Ya Amr Moussa! Why didn’t you get up with Erdogan and follow him out of this room? Where are the Arabs! Ya allah!

And a quick Update: The Israelis show more wrath.

Le toupet des Kurdes

If you were a Turk in an executive political position what would you do with a statement like this one:

The president of Iraq’s Kurdish region on Thursday rejected Ankara’s declaration that it was ready for dialogue with Iraqi Kurds provided they took measures against Turkish Kurd rebels holed up in the autonomous enclave.
“We do not accept the conditions laid down to deal with the PKK. We have always said that we would help Turkey if it chooses the path of dialogue and we confirm this,” Massoud Barzani told a news conference alongside Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, also a Kurd.

You know I wonder what Israelis were thinking when they started training Kurds and giving them military aid. Maybe they thought that selling weapons to Turkey on one side and to Kurds who just found themselves with the presidency of Iraq on the other, is something that could pay off eventually. Maybe they thought this would help the Americans… I mean what is the logic behind all these moves?
See, this is why I don’t believe much in grand conspiracy theories. People conspire don’t get me wrong, but people cannot accommodate for the desires/interests (depending on which terminology you want to use) of every ally.

Turks enter Iraq

That is it, the moment that has been feared for quite some time finally happened, Turkish troops entered Kurdish Iraq yesterday to tame guerrillas ardor. This adds a new variable to the already explosive situation in the Middle East. Overlapping contradictory political agendas are multiplying. How will the US deal with this while preserving Turkey as a strategic ally? What is going to happen to Turkish-Israeli relations especially that it is Israel that has been training these Kurdish troops.

Ukrainian Revolution’s orange is sadly yellowy..

Is this the same guy who was elected by “popular forces”?

Following failed talks with parliamentary leaders, President Yushchenko on April 2 declared the parliament dissolved and announced snap elections to be held on May 27.

I like these “democratic” moves the ‘west’ loves so much… where are the journalists that covered the “orange revolution”? Go now and cover the constitutional crisis!

Ukraine, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. all fall in the stupid media ideological trap. My post on Turkey is upcoming. But first, when is Tayyar losing its orange color?

Meanwhile in Turkey

I see that they have some of that in Turkey too. Good, Lebanon is no exception. ‘Western’ journalists just love it: pick up on the female bourgeoisie of an ‘Eastern’ country as a sign of ‘modernism’, when all there is to it is profound decadence. I will write more on the Turkish question and the misperception of the western media.