Whatever you say about Aoun

One thing is sure, he could be stubborn, idealistic, or different from other politicians, and so be a possible hope for Lebanon, but he still is very thirsty for power, which would make him behave in the most destructive way – as he showed he could countless times since the 80s – in terms of […]

Focus on Palestinians in Lebanon

So Palestinians just got the right to work in Lebanon for limited professions (excluding Medicine, Law, and Engineering).Interesting. Is there a shortage on the Lebanese market for non-skilled labor? Syrians have been flying back like scared meticulous ants, since the Lebanese showed much respect for their fellow brethrens.Are there any accusations on Lebanese behaving with […]

Welcome davidovich

As you can see dear readers (whom i’m sure I can count on the fingers of my two hands..) we have a new contributor on this blog right straight from the dark side (Al Shaytan: US).Of course i have scrutinized his lineage and it seems that he has some French, Irish, German and other European […]

The Real Challenge in Lebanon

Amidst the rising fervor over recovered democratic privileges, the Lebanese do not seem to understand a couple of key political concepts:– UN 1559– Hezbollah’s weapons– Aoun’s political clout and affiliationsJoseph Samaha has a good article that appeared in the friday 17 of June issue of the Safir. He basically argued that it is necessary for […]