Whatever you say about Aoun

One thing is sure, he could be stubborn, idealistic, or different from other politicians, and so be a possible hope for Lebanon, but he still is very thirsty for power, which would make him behave in the most destructive way – as he showed he could countless times since the 80s – in terms of […]

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Focus on Palestinians in Lebanon

So Palestinians just got the right to work in Lebanon for limited professions (excluding Medicine, Law, and Engineering).Interesting. Is there a shortage on the Lebanese market for non-skilled labor? Syrians have been flying back like scared meticulous ants, since the Lebanese showed much respect for their fellow brethrens.Are there any accusations on Lebanese behaving with […]

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Welcome davidovich

As you can see dear readers (whom i’m sure I can count on the fingers of my two hands..) we have a new contributor on this blog right straight from the dark side (Al Shaytan: US).Of course i have scrutinized his lineage and it seems that he has some French, Irish, German and other European […]

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Investment in syria from the Arab world amounts to 61,1 million dollars

According to IACG (Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation) and found at the Syria report website, investment in Syria from the Arab world amounts to 61 million dollars, while Lebanon has only invested 300000 dollars in Syria. Even more so, since 1995, Syria has received a total of 1.602 billion dollars. In comparison, Lebanon received approximately 4.74 […]

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The Real Challenge in Lebanon

Amidst the rising fervor over recovered democratic privileges, the Lebanese do not seem to understand a couple of key political concepts:– UN 1559– Hezbollah’s weapons– Aoun’s political clout and affiliationsJoseph Samaha has a good article that appeared in the friday 17 of June issue of the Safir. He basically argued that it is necessary for […]

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Syria’s rechuffling of security services

Yet another showdown in Syria, that could be the effect of the latest security instability that plagued Lebanon and Syria following the assassination of Hariri: General Fuad Nassif Kheirbek, a former chief of the military intelligence monitoring division, was chosen to head the domestic intelligence service, a Syrian official said.He replaces moderate General Bahjat Suleiman, […]

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Israel-US weapon sale clash

Check out Caroline Glick pathetic defense of Israel’s rationale to sell arms to countries like India and Singapore (), in order to hide for the big blunder i.e. sales to China. The argument is simple: “Forget about the sale of weapons to China that I cannot defend as it is a too obvious example that […]

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Paris Air Show Le Bourget

It should not come as a surprise that a lot of tension is arising at the Paris Air show, specially between the US and Israel over Chinese and Indian arms deals. Boeing seems to be losing the Chinese as partners, and EADS (Airbus) is allying with US defense contractor Northrop Grunnman.All and all, Asia is […]

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Arms industry and energy politics

Check out this good article on the slow replacement of oil by gaz as the number one strategic commodity for the next century. It’s cleaner, but it much more dangerous to carry around so goodluck with the political consequences that. Oh, and who are the main country where gas is found? Qatar, Iran, Russia, Angola, […]

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Walid Phares encore et toujours

Read this piece of trash: Prior to 9/11, the Wahhabi/Islamist/Arabist lobbies led by the Saudis in Washington were able to vouch for Syrian hegemony in Lebanon and perpetuate the Syrian occupation. These lobbies protected the interests of Arab/Muslim dictatorships in the Middle East, essentially quashing pro-democracy movements like that in Lebanon. After 9/11, however, the […]

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Israel burnt its fingers

You should not play with fire as my dad and whitesnake used to say. This appeared in Haaretz today: The U.S. administration has asked the government to reduce the authority of the Defense Ministry to authorize Israel security exports to countries Washington deems “problematic.”In discussions with representatives from the U.S. Departments of State and Defense, […]

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More Millionaires for the Middle East

According to a Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini report reported by Will Rasmussen at the Daily Star: booming oil prices were the ticket for almost 30,000 people across the Middle East to an exclusive club: the world’s millionaires. The annual world wealth report, released Thursday by Merrill Lynch and Co. and the Capgemini Group consulting […]

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Global military expenditures 50% US

Just for you guys to know, this is from the AFP: Les dépenses militaires mondiales ont dépassé les 1 000 milliards de dollars en 2004, près de la moitié revenant aux États-Unis dont le budget reste alourdi par la « guerre contre le terrorisme », selon le rapport annuel de l’Institut international de recherche pour […]

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Pipelines and Asia

The first stage of the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan pipeline has just been inaugurated. Starting from Baku in Azerbajian, it passes through Georgia and ends in Turkey. The project is politically heavily loaded as it shifts the region under an American umbrella. It would hypothetically produce as much as Iraq. Starting signs of instability are clearly present in […]

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Samir Kassir’s assassination

There is an article from propaganda newsprint Telegraph that puts it into perspective with the coming Baath conference. Apparently, The Syrian government is trying to clamp down on many activists inside Syria as well.Joshua Landis has a good input on how Syria is pissed as it did no get any gratitude back for what it […]

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Bernard Lewis (update)

Check out this good article that appeared in the Asia Times: The West’s policy – in other words, the policy of the Anglo-Americans, as the European Union does not have a policy worth citing – toward the Middle East has long been formulated by Bernard Lewis. The British-born Lewis started his career as an intelligence […]

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