Whatever you say about Aoun

One thing is sure, he could be stubborn, idealistic, or different from other politicians, and so be a possible hope for Lebanon, but he still is very thirsty for power, which would make him behave in the most destructive way – as he showed he could countless times since the 80s – in terms of public interest.

Reading Joseph Samaha on Aoun’s program is quite a relief as he points out the immaturities and contradictions burried in it. The content of this program is a list of vague drastic liberalist policies that would make a Michel Chiha blush, while favoring an enlargement of the State’s size. The program also puts Lebanon on the forefront of the fight against “terrorism” which would make it come closer to Israeli policies than anything else. That’s funny.. or just scary?

Going back to the intricacies of Aoun’s mind, as would genuinely note and in the most simplistic way Nicholas Blanford:

Once one of Syria’s strongest critics and a staunch anti-corruption campaigner, Mr Aoun has struck electoral alliances with some of Lebanon’s most pro-Syrian and most corrupt politicians.

Good luck Lebanon, between a crazy megalomaniac, and a bunch of frustrated confessionalist who lack everything of a culture of public interest.
Let the division of the political pie begin accross ministries and other devices of public extraction.

Focus on Palestinians in Lebanon

So Palestinians just got the right to work in Lebanon for limited professions (excluding Medicine, Law, and Engineering).

Is there a shortage on the Lebanese market for non-skilled labor?

Syrians have been flying back like scared meticulous ants, since the Lebanese showed much respect for their fellow brethrens.
Are there any accusations on Lebanese behaving with racism? of course! Here.
Why did the Lebanese have come to this point? Well because you had Producers of Knowlege as we like to call them who have prepared the terrain. An example is this horrible article by Gary Gambill of the Middle East Forum.

Anyway back to what we were saying, it would be interesting to see what types of jobs Palestinian would get and how many Syrians are coming back (there already is a witnessed come back). What effect would this have on the Lebanese economy? I am ready to bet that Lebanese are deeply dependent of anyone worker that would be ready to do the dirty job for him.

Another thing. 2 human right groups (the organization for Palestinian human right group “Houqouq”, and the Institution for… “Shahed”), have denounced the prohibition of Lebanese authorities to let construction materials enter Palestinian camps in Tyr (Sour), according to today’s Al Safir, a Lebanese Arabic Daily.

So there you have it, politically Palestinians have still the same status: “Untouchables” who still do not know if they will be driven outside the country. But rest assured, Palestinians have the right to do the dirty job of the Lebanese.
Joseph Samaha (the only interesting journalist in Lebanon) has an interesting analysis on the issue titled: “The Lebanese have still the right to exploit Palestinian workers”.

Welcome davidovich

As you can see dear readers (whom i’m sure I can count on the fingers of my two hands..) we have a new contributor on this blog right straight from the dark side (Al Shaytan: US).
Of course i have scrutinized his lineage and it seems that he has some French, Irish, German and other European colonizer blood in his veins.
Davidovich is a shrewd observer (with no pity or remorse) of the beloved region where he spent a couple of years parading around the ladies.
We shall join forces to continue questioning what should be questioned : Why do humans behave in such a way (case study: the Middle EAst)?

Welcome davidovich also known as “Le Sheehan”.

Investment in syria from the Arab world amounts to 61,1 million dollars

According to IACG (Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation) and found at the Syria report website, investment in Syria from the Arab world amounts to 61 million dollars, while Lebanon has only invested 300000 dollars in Syria.

Even more so, since 1995, Syria has received a total of 1.602 billion dollars. In comparison, Lebanon received approximately 4.74 billion over the last ten years.
The biggest investors in Syria are Saudi Arabia (37.1 million) and the UAE (20.4 million).
Oh and another thing, Syria has invested 46 million dollars in Lebanon for the year 2004. Now what happened in 2005 is another story.

Even Jews don’t want Bolton except those that count

Check out Ori Nir’s article in the forward.
Apparently, only JINSA is supporting his appointment to the UN:

It appears that only one Jewish organization, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, has launched a public campaign calling on its supporters to push their senators to back Bolton. The Washington-based institute, known as Jinsa, is a small right-wing advocacy group that mainly functions as a Washington think-tank and has ties with influential officials in America’s national security establishment.

Well it’s small but effective, because of its ties to the “national security establishment”. Actually isn’t that scary to know that JINSA has formal ties to “America’s national security establisment”?

The Real Challenge in Lebanon

Amidst the rising fervor over recovered democratic privileges, the Lebanese do not seem to understand a couple of key political concepts:
– UN 1559
– Hezbollah’s weapons
– Aoun’s political clout and affiliations
Joseph Samaha has a good article that appeared in the friday 17 of June issue of the Safir. He basically argued that it is necessary for the Aoun Tayyar to hold a healthy dialogue with Hezbollah lest hell breaks loose.
It is important to show political maturity, in order not to let regional challenges consider Lebanon as a buffer region.

It seems that Michel Aoun is working on that in a very weird way, as he talks on tv about the fact that Hezbollah will be disarmed without any trace of diplomatic language – a quality he is not known to have.