In Aynata

when I asked a former Communist fighter from this bordering village with Israel about the now mainstream idea that Palestinian fighters were with time despised by the local population, he answered me that it is Palestinian changing environment that can account for that. According to him, Palestinians were once the fida’yin hiding and fighting in […]

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For the record

We do not want to clash with the regime, with those who neglect us. Today, we shout out loud the wrongs against us, that cloud of injustice that has followed us since the beginning of our history. Starting from today we will no longer complain nor cry. Our name is not mitwali [a name for […]

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Best ad of the year

This is taken from Hizbullah’s campaign “a victory from God” marking the anniversary of last year’s humiliating Israeli defeat, of which many highly creative billboards have been made. Check out the improvement in artistry, and the power of ideas. It shows Israeli soldiers disturbingly crying with this written in the middle: Lebanon, you fools (literal […]

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Israeli waste in Aynata

This is just a couple of pictures from many I got when I was in Aynata (village in the south of Lebanon right next to the Israeli border). These bottles you see are filled with the urine of Israeli soldiers who chose this house to hide during the July-august war. Besides the tremendous amount of […]

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Take Egypt for example

Don’t you often hear people say “Christian in Egypt are persecuted”? This is one of the many nice little bullshit myths one hears on the Middle East or on “Islamic” practices. Copts (Christian sect in Egypt) are actually significantly present in parliament (much more relative to the size of their community), and the few Egyptians […]

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God, reason, and language

Echoing with what I started fumbling about in a previous post, I found this marvelous passage in Derrida’s critique of Foucault’s History of Madness: Mais Dieu, c’est l’autre nom de l’absolu de la raison elle-même, de la raison et du sens en général. Et qu’est-ce qui saurait exclure, réduire ou, ce qui revient au meme, […]

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Lebanese diaries

Rest assured, today on LBC news broadcast, the Maronite Patriarch MarNasrallah Boutros Sfeir was asked about his solutions for the current political crisis in Lebanon (two politically very divided camps have to decide on a new president). And so he answered (and I quote approximately but surely my friends), that one should pray the baby […]

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Opposition in downtown revisited

Since I started talking to people living in Dahyeh and the South I have been collecting tremendous amount of narratives that opens on various social changes that never received the attention of the media. Here I just want to talk about one such instance. According to a young Hizbullah partisan who, along with friends, had […]

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A poetic interlude: Passionnément

I strongly recommend that you listen to it read by the author. ********** pas pas paspaspas paspasppas ppas pas paspasle pas pas le faux pas le paspaspaspas le pas le maule mauve le mauvais paspaspas pas le pas le papale mauvais papa le mauve le paspaspas passe paspaspassepasse passe il passe il pas pasil passe […]

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Mea culpa

Ok after writing about this I want to move on. I do not want to go back to these issues endlessly. This post is an effort to once and for all establish why it seems like I have a particular problem with some type of “Christian politics” in the country that came to be called […]

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Philosophical thoughts

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the effect of the presence or absence of God in the daily lives of people and the very different aspects of how this give meaning to their daily practices (and thus provides ground for action). While I still don’t have a clear theory of that especially for […]

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Lebanese diaries

Today, while I was at the bank retrieving some money, a Sinhalese (most probably cashing in money for her employer who’s too lazy to come and retrieve the money him/her self) was asked by the cashier if she knew how to sign. The Sinhalese nodded gently and signed.Beyond all racist consideration this entails will this […]

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