Just to make it clear

I was never fond of conspiracy theories. Not because people don’t conspire, far from it. But because in politics, people are not that shrewd and are not endowed with awareness of the long-term. In light of this, a couple of points so as to make sure everybody agrees on this: 1- It is the ‘ruling […]

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Does anyone realize that from Palestine to Lebanon, it is Saudi Arabia that is allegedly playing the role of mediators so that these political agents don’t smash each other up? I mean where have we come to? It is ironic to see that the one flying from one country to the other who represent the […]

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For your consideration

Don’t shoot the messenger, even if you do think this comes from a dubious source (next time, I’ll aim to quote from Annahar, promise…). Fisk is wrong; it’s not “sectarian hatred” that is driving the war, but outside powers that are using their proxies within Lebanon to achieve their geopolitical objectives. In other words, this […]

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