What is meant by “Israel should cease to exist”

This magnificently visionary passage of Fanon’s “Les damnés de la terre” nails cleverly what is at stake when the colonized decides to effectively fight the colonizer. What has been the slogan of the Palestinian resistance for decades and is now preserved by the “Islamist” resistance (that is still Palestinian but also Lebanese.. and beyond) grouping […]


An illustration of colonialism internalized: The Israel Prison Service on Friday separated Palestinian security prisoners affiliated with Fatah from those linked with Hamas, after receiving intelligence information indicating that factional violence could break out among the prisoners in the wake of the bloody clashes in the Gaza Strip that led to the Hamas takeover there.

Action Plans …

Understanding the implications of the document, Jordanian government officials ordered that the publisher’s printing house stop the presses while that edition’s plates were confiscated. Do you think they used the same document template for Lebanon?

Other vassals and an interesting information

Apart from the despicable attitude of Egypt prevalent in this information, notice something else in this lead: Egypt has imposed severe restrictions on Hamas officials crossing into the country, sources close to Hamas told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. I wonder who are the sources close to Hamas that speak to the right wing Israeli […]

Another Hamas Supporter …

Seems everyone has been getting in on the act: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accused Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday of having played a role in the founding of Hamas and emboldening the Islamic group during his time as prime minister.“Netanyahu is the man who set up Hamas and revived it by releasing Sheikh Yassin […]