Turkish straightforward analyses

this is a nice Turkish review of what prominent American ideologues thought of Hamas’ leader Khaled Mashaal recent visit to Turkey. For example you have major neocons’ opinions along with more moderate elements. A useful and simplistic way to refresh our memories of the way major American policy “influencers” thinks of Middle East rapprochement that […]

ok that’s it i have to say it. the only person who can still pull things up in this country (if surrounded by the right people that are now politically weak) is Aoun. Unfortunately, between the mad megalomaniac general and the isolationists-cum-playing-with-fire-with-the-americans-wackos, it seems that we have a slight chance to be more on the […]

Meanwhile in Nigeria

It is interesting to see how instrumental were these uproars against the caricatures of the prophet in shaping the way simple reporting is now taking place. News agencies always have “background” information on daily news in order to make up a substantial article. They end up mixing two pieces of news in a way that […]

Foreing Policy explanations

This article by Stephen Zunes argues religious extremism’s rise is directly correlated with harmful US foreign policy in the Middle East. The logic is interesting, and is important as a source of explanation when such views are lacking in the mainstream media. You will find an exaustive review of US doings in the region. Yet, […]

Russia supports Hamas-led parliament but will consult Israel for the serious matters

eh oui let’s not forget material concerns. According to Russian news agency Mosnews: Russia to Seek Israeli Consent Before Selling Arms to PalestineRussian military equipment will only be supplied to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) with Israeli agreement, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov was quoted by Russian media as saying. “All equipment supplies to Palestine might […]

US financing opposition groups in Syria

Well nothing is new here (the US has a infamous legacy for interfering in other country’s political changes), except that this time it is officially published and it’s Reuters that brings you the information directly to your PC! It partly means that some things are just not taboo anymore, but may even be popular to […]