A Chicken and Egg type of problem

I just read a good article that argues the US-Dominance-Thesis vis-à-vis Israel (Israel being a strategic ally to the US), as opposed to the one I espoused for a long time which is the US-foreign-policy-hijacked-by-likudniks-Thesis. I think both are interesting and can be reconciled in order to understand the nuance of American foreign policy.

A Strategic Assessment

The Jaffee Center has released its annual assessment for the years 2003-2004. I will try to translate some interesting points made by Joseph Samaha in Al-Safir. First, the idea that Israel’s interest was best served by the US and its excavations in the middle east. And so, Any strategic assessment on the Middle East has […]

Scary writings II

Bernard Lewis fait encore des siennes.. sans le savoir.. Here is a deep analysis of Darfur’s current crisis in light of past writings done by Mr. Lewis. So the author starts by telling us where he extracts his source of knowledge/power: As the historian Bernard Lewis points out in Race and Slavery in the Middle […]

Scary writings and moves

Check out this new book down by good Christians in the US. Just to get a feel of it: The real problem is that the wars, the intifadas, the suicide bombings and the endless conflict have to do with religion more than politics. In this area, old scores between Muslims and Jews and Christians are […]

الوظيفة الإيرانية للقرار 1559 – جوزف سماحة

ستواصل الولايات المتحدة عملية الضغط على سوريا ولبنان. ويخطئ كل من يعتقد أن هذا الضغط سيتراجع في سياق مقايضة. إن أي <> سوري أميركي حول العراق، وأي علاقة تصل إليها دمشق مع المقاومة الفلسطينية، لن يغيّرا الكثير من الحملة المستمرة المتخذة القرار 1559 عنواناً لها.للقرار المشار إليه وظيفتان.الأولى بينهما أنه أداة ضغط لفك أي ارتباط […]