Scary writings and moves

Check out this new book down by good Christians in the US.

Just to get a feel of it:

The real problem is that the wars, the intifadas, the suicide bombings and the endless conflict have to do with religion more than politics. In this area, old scores between Muslims and Jews and Christians are settled over and over again. When it comes to Christians, Saladin still fights the Crusaders. When it comes to Jews, Ishmael still fights Isaac

By the way the book is on how to achieve Middle East peace and is entitled: Two nations under God. nice start..

On another level both Houses of Congress have just agreed on a bill that

requires the State Department to compile an annual report on anti-Semitism around the world, and establishes an office within the department to focus on the issue.

Let’s make the world a safer place.

One Reply to “Scary writings and moves”

  1. Over the last 25 years there has been a very interesting debate between Israeli politicians about what to make of American Evangelicals, like Mr. Doyle and his type. On the one hand, their political power in the US, which can be overstated and is by no means monolithic on a number of issues, makes them an attractive group to woo, but they are also highly unpopular (for obvious reasons) among regular Israeli Jews. Pat Robertson’s recent trip to Israel reveals all of this. The Israeli pols want to play nice with him while he is there, but would scant mention his name or his bizarre theology once he is gone.

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