Shame on Harvard

Harvard pulled out its official endorsement of the study on the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on US Policy making.But the truth is out and academic expertise shouldn’t require political acquiescence.

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Wishful Thinking

First of all check out the title of the story: Syria and Lebanon Discuss Scientific Cooperation Second,the story, the plight: DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Syria and Lebanon discussed ways of enhancing scientific research and cooperation between their universities.During a meeting, Minister of Higher Education Ghyath Barakat discussed with Rector of the Lebanese University Zuhir Shakar situation of the […]

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Israel’s tactical multilateralism

The Forward has yet again looked for interesting subject to develop: Ori Nir investigates Israel’s changing position toward Palestinian Refugee body UNRWA in order to displace Hamas as a social good provider. Meaning that the Jewish state has a new found respect for International Organizations such as the UN.That’s history repeated in reverse. There was […]

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The ever changing face of Hamas

Check this interview that appeared in the UAE daily Al Khaleej (Thanks for the translation by Mideastwire: “Female Minister in the Hamas government: we will not impose the veil…” In its March 24 edition, Al Khaleej, an independent daily, reported that: “Maryam Saleh is considered the only woman in the new government of the Islamic […]

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What we publish back here

The Daily Star run a full-page interview with Matthew Levitt a right-wing hawk that was once at the pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy and now is “deputy assistant secretary for intelligence and analysis at the U.S. Treasury Department”.It’s not even the Daily Star that interviewed the guy but the Council on Foreign Relations […]

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wake-up call for the media

If only we could have articles written in such a systematic way on corruption in the Middle East.I wonder what are the activities of ‘anti-corruption’ organization? I met one in Lebanon and I still don’t understand why nothing is written on corruption, except generalities in terms of numbers. Why can’t we see statements like this: […]

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Fatah still exist

But possibly not for long. I mean how pathetic can they be when they form a rally to signal their support for the “Lebanese national dialogue”.It basically means the following:Now that we have been crushed by Hamas in the recent elections, even within Palestinian camps, because we were so corrupted and uncompromising in terms of […]

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Trafficking women

From Iraq to the neighbors although Iraq does not: join Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries listed as serious problem areas for modern slavery, there is still concern. and Qatar!

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Hamas and Moscow

I am amazed by Hamas’ political bold steps. Many would not agree i’m sure, and i’m not really giving my opinions on the beliefs of this party. But they are way better than the politicla fossiles present in the Arab world.Now think of it this way, while in Moscow, Hamas stroke a sensitive chord regarding […]

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Reinforcements are arriving

What I love in this country is that genuinely local reunion efforts can’t last for long. Fortunately enough, (according to Lebanese daily Al Balad) you have Egyptian Moukhabarat chief Omar Suleiman and Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister Saud el Faysal that are expected to push for:1- disarmament of Palestinians in camps2- 18 month period given to […]

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Hariri, the National hero

hey friends and relatives, I just got this article forwarded. For those who still need some light shed. It’s in French though. It basically says the following (with my added sarcasm): 1- Hariri “reconstructed” only 1 km square of Lebanon. He did so by literally expropriating a lot of land that he gave to a […]

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You always need a middle man

The problem is who to chooseIt is interesting to see that the people that are going to mediate between the Hariri house and Osama Saad’s Nasserite of Saida (who accused hariri of arming Palestinian militia near Ayn el Helweh) will be Al-Jamaa al-Islamiya.Saad said that these armed groups were supposed to create a security void […]

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Jumblatt is playing with fire

I heard that Jumblatt met with extreme-hawk Stephen Hadley while touring the right-wing side of the US. Hadley has been accused of spying for Israel and has an FBI file pending (can’t find the article, it’s somewhere on Counterpunch’s website, there is a lot on Stephen Hadley there).Actually along with Paul Wofowitz who discovered the […]

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Meanwhile, in the real economy

The Lebanese textile sector silently lost over 8000 jobs in a matter of six years. This was reported by Sahar Al-Attar in the French daily l’Orient-le-Jour.I’m sure the people that lost these jobs are thinking that liberty and freedom comes from regaining nationalistic credentials. The hell with a decent job as long as the Syrians […]

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Joseph Samaha left the Safir

The following should have been the headlines today of all Lebanese newspapers:One of the only interesting Lebanese journalist is leaving the newspaper. A journalist that has published the most interesting analyses for the past couple of years.If Samaha is not going to write again then the militants against collective Lebanese propaganda would have lost another […]

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Allies meet finally (bis)

Hey guys, Jumblatt will also speak along with zionist Martin Indyk at the Brookings Institute, while the rest of the Lebanese confessional leaders will be discussing ways to agree on their own in downtown. Reunions are not what they used to beMeanwhile, think of it this way, when world leaders met to discuss crucial issues […]

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A historical day by all means

Friends and relatives, I must tell you that I could not but smile when I saw this picture in the newspapers this morning:What can I say, at heart, I am a sensitive person, and seeing Nasrallah Geagea Aoun even Jumblatt (who still can attract sympathy) and the rest of those confessional leaders is really touching […]

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Christian reconciliations

These rapprochements are really cute. I mean seeing how militia leader Samir Geagea and feudal lord Sleiman Frangieh are soon getting together brings out tears in my eyes.Is it because they are scared and eventually think that Christians in the current situation are seriously screwed politically?I mean you just need to hear the latest League […]

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