Shame on Harvard

Harvard pulled out its official endorsement of the study on the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby on US Policy making.But the truth is out and academic expertise shouldn’t require political acquiescence.

Wishful Thinking

First of all check out the title of the story: Syria and Lebanon Discuss Scientific Cooperation Second,the story, the plight: DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Syria and Lebanon discussed ways of enhancing scientific research and cooperation between their universities.During a meeting, Minister of Higher Education Ghyath Barakat discussed with Rector of the Lebanese University Zuhir Shakar situation of the […]

Israel’s tactical multilateralism

The Forward has yet again looked for interesting subject to develop: Ori Nir investigates Israel’s changing position toward Palestinian Refugee body UNRWA in order to displace Hamas as a social good provider. Meaning that the Jewish state has a new found respect for International Organizations such as the UN.That’s history repeated in reverse. There was […]

The ever changing face of Hamas

Check this interview that appeared in the UAE daily Al Khaleej (Thanks for the translation by Mideastwire: “Female Minister in the Hamas government: we will not impose the veil…” In its March 24 edition, Al Khaleej, an independent daily, reported that: “Maryam Saleh is considered the only woman in the new government of the Islamic […]

Syria: Dissidents to meet with Lebanese Politicians

That’s what was missing!! (from an Italian news agency) Damascus, 23 March (AKI) – Leading Syrian dissidents belonging to the Rally for Syria group will hold talks with prominent anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians, including Saad Hariri, the son of assassinated former Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri, in Paris later this month. Other high profile figures attending the […]

what desolation means: the Iraqi case

Everybody should read this piece in the NY review of books on what Iraq looks like in terms of chaos and super-militarization. Long gone the hopes of a brighter future without Saddam.For those who would like to witness revolutions in their own country, take a look at Iraq beyond what the media feeds you everyday.This […]