Executing Events …

More delightful news from the WaPost on US propaganda efforts in Iraq and across the globe: U.S. military leaders in Baghdad have put out for bid a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for extensive monitoring of U.S. and Middle Eastern media in an effort to promote more positive coverage of news from […]

Into the Rabbit Hole …

“Any kind of moral and intellectual confusion about who and what is right or wrong can severely weaken the ability of free societies to persevere.” So said SecDef Donald Rumsfeld yesterday. Read it again to appreciate the full scope of its insanity. Seriously, if these guys keep it up, they are going to make Orwell […]

Hippity-Hoppity: A (not-so) Commericial Interruption …

LINKS ARE NOT ACTIVE AND I AM A LAZY BOY SO COPY AND PLASTER LINKS …FROM THE PHILISTINES: Peace! FOUR updates for all our peeps— FREE THE P available NATIONWIDEN.O.M.A.D.S. vs PHILISTINES (www.thephilistines.com) available ONLINE‘HALA’ MUSIC VIDEO online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAx1b-i_nxwhttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-592992310326451367SIX new SHOWS!!! 1 – FREE THE P, a compilation of hip-hop and spoken word […]

Competitors to the Sunni throne in Lebanon

I heard that ex-prime minister (and telecommunication magnate) Najib Mikati could be the main funder behind the intellectually powerful new Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar. If this is true, then good luck to mini-Hariri. I always thought that there is a race in the political arena to snatch the highest intellectual caliber. Controlling the creation of concepts […]

Various links

Here is the english link for the CDR chief’s resignation. An article for all those skeptics who thinks Israel has no interest in Lebanon. It’s in Arabic, I’ll try to translate later on. But basically it address questions related to strategic need for water, plans to weaken Lebanese infrastructure, etc. Also, this article on how […]