The Toxic Politics of Occupation …

Despite the gruesome humanitarian costs, the Israeli government convinced the United States to halt aid to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas swept elections in the Occupied Territories earlier this year.

Apparently, however, the Israeli government’s foolishness extends only to the Palestinian refugees, and not Palestinian refuse … See this article from the Israeli press on Israel’s call for the US to support sewage treatment in Gaza, lest Israeli waters be sullied …

I guess it would be naive to presume that such a move might presage a rethink of policies that amount to collective punishment of the Palestinians and their impact on Israel’s short and long-term interests …


One Reply to “The Toxic Politics of Occupation …”

  1. there was an article on commondreams saying how the world bank was sending money to fund an increase in checkpoints. though against the law, it was presented as a solution for the palestinians to make their passage faster!

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