Various links

Here is the english link for the CDR chief’s resignation.

An article for all those skeptics who thinks Israel has no interest in Lebanon. It’s in Arabic, I’ll try to translate later on. But basically it address questions related to strategic need for water, plans to weaken Lebanese infrastructure, etc.

Also, this article on how Detlev Mehlis was called by a Southern Lebanese family (who have German nationalities) to plead for them against Israeli murders in their village. The article shows how the office refused at first and then how Mehlis proposed to do it and split the gains of the indemnities. It seems the guy is how many portrayed him: the most corrupt individual in the international legal sphere. No wonder how Hariri inc. could buy him easily.

Check this link that says Israel and Hezbollah started negotiating for the prisoners (of course through a third party, namely germans), according to Egyptian daily Al Ahram. Israel went up and down destroyed a country and killed thousands, and now is back to accept what Hezbollah moderately asked at first.

The injection of dollars by Hezbollah on ht eLebanese economy is something interesting to study. This article gives you a first glance. More should be done.


One Reply to “Various links”

  1. Hizb and Israelis have denied reports about prisoner negotiations … not that that is decisive, but …

    Also, that DS article is preposterous …

    Also, I dont see Mehlis as particularly evil, just stupid and easily manipulated …

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