Competitors to the Sunni throne in Lebanon

I heard that ex-prime minister (and telecommunication magnate) Najib Mikati could be the main funder behind the intellectually powerful new Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar. If this is true, then good luck to mini-Hariri. I always thought that there is a race in the political arena to snatch the highest intellectual caliber. Controlling the creation of concepts and discourse is controlling perception of reality. In this race, Hariri Inc. has obviously failed in the fact that although they control most of the media in Lebanon, their dialectical standards are miserable compared to what their foes present. In the process, will this lift the intellectual caliber of the rest of the Lebanese that are lobotomized in front of LBC, Orient le Jour and Al Nahar, Al Mustaqbal etc? I seriously doubt it. So it will only be a race to the throne that will use some eminent intellectuals in the process without really initiating a meaningful pedagogical endeavor. The intellectuals should know better.


2 Replies to “Competitors to the Sunni throne in Lebanon”

  1. I agree, bech. What will be fun is seeing the Hariri-related forces drag out and parade non-Hizb shia voices … I imagine some shia clerics will be doing very good business this year …

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