H-I-larious …

It seems many are taking a crack at my President for letting slip that he recently read Camus’ The Stranger. I think Maureen Dowd may have done some needle work here, but I refuse to pay for the NYTimes Select, on account of my unwillingness to allow for a single penny of mine to end up in the hands of Tom Friedman, that less-than-great dissembler. For those on my side of that economic boycott, see this funny take on my President’s reading list and ruminations …

Here are the highlights:

My anger at The New York Times subsides somewhat as I skim Foucault and Sartre. Surveillance serves its disciplinary function only if the populace is conscious of it. And if Americans aren’t wrenched from being-pour-soi to being-en-soi (at least in relation to an observer who is Other) by the objectifying gaze of the state — well, then the terrorists have won …

Dick and Condi and Don and Karl all sat me down yesterday. An intervention, I guess you could call it. Karl did a quick focus group, seems “hell is other people” doesn’t poll well. Same for most of what I’ve been thinking about these last couple weeks, frankly. And the beret was starting to make people talk. Perhaps it’s as just as well.


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