The real war begins (revisited)

The president of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) has resigned from his post yesterday due to political differences with PM office Fouad Siniora view on how reconstruction should proceed, according to the head article of Al-Akhbar today. The article argued, among other things, that the president (Al Fadl Shalak) tried to use the money sent for aid in reconstruction in a way that made the PM office want to block it as the latter thought to link it to a political trade-off with those who supported the resistance and the resistance itself.
Two things emerge from this article:

1- Al Mustaqbal party is divided (CDR was rehabilitated by Hariri father right after the civil war, and since then was controlled by him, Shalak being part of the same group). Shalak himself signed a tract “friends of martyr hariri” that called for resisting the Israeli occupier. the division I would guess is between the son and the top echelons of the party from one side and those who worked for Hariri father but weren’t heavily engaged in political quiblings. Meaning that the division is actually between those who take directly orders from outside and those who just take orders from the ones that take orders from outside. I’m trying to simplify here folks.

2- There is a huge war raging in Lebanon, and that does not spare the neutrality of even the best newspapers. Whereas the majority of the newspapers ty to find stuff to discredit the Muqawama, Al-Akhbar is relentlessly looking for stuff to unveil the wrongdoings of the 14th of March. the big loser is us as we don’t know how much sources are credible neither here nor there. We can at best guess.

Good luck for reconstruction… Sometimes I come to thank the gods that Hezbollah is at least a state within a wanna-be-state…


4 Replies to “The real war begins (revisited)”

  1. I would still like to see a post from you on Fatfat and also one on Hamadeh … Pretty please, bech-bouche … The devil is in the details …

  2. i hate this phase.. it almost makes you (as nationals of a country) wonder who your real friends are.. i often cynically thought of the iraq war as a mere economic stimulus to the relevant stakeholders..

    pray im wrong

    so much misinformation.. how does one tell

  3. “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.”

    General Smedley Butler, a Quaker and a US Marine …

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