There I am. My friend lives in an apartment overlooking the Colosseum. I just have one thing to say about this city: Why do they have this habit of planting crosses everywhere something is erected? Anything with a pointing vertical extremity has been covered with a metal cross. But the real shock came when I […]

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اذا اتسعت الرؤيا ضاقت العبارة عبد الجبار النفري (ت354ه/965م) If sight widens, expression shrinks Abd el Jabar el nafari (965AC)

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Crisis in the group

Well that does it for me. Speak no more. I just had the confirmation for what I always thought: People at ICG (International Crisis Group) could well join the rank of the phony ‘experts’ that make a living out of writing journalistic reports about a political situation but while giving it more credibility by issuing […]

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