Portentous …?

Am I the only one who feels a chill down his spine when King Abdullah calls the U.S. presence in Iraq an “illegitimate foreign occupation” ?I have been around the block enough times to appreciate the pathetic pageantry of Arab League summits, but a head-on verbal fusillade against the U.S. by its closest ally?Perhaps, I […]

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Christmas Come Early …

Hopefully it won’t be long until I am home to get ready for Molly’s birthday party with a present from the Iranian people. I wanna get taken hostage by Iran …! More seriously, Iranian propaganda has me impressed. Yes, it is ham-fisted (when is propaganda not?), but it really does the trick. Expect the Iranians […]

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Rice Pudding …

Tis a testament to the rottenness of the current US regime that I find myself with sympathies for a sycophant like Mme. Rice. No comment here, I just like the pic. I would add that all of this plays perfectly into Iran’s hands, just as the “Holocaust conference” did. Sometimes I wonder if power makes […]

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Well, while we’re at it, let me remind our reader that Apokraphytus is from Dar el Shaytan, and so we will show no mercy…

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Box Score: Dave 1, Bech 0

Just for the record, Bech is furious that I have mentioned basketball in his blog on the Middle East. He would prefer we present ourselves through this blog as somber intellectual types pondering the serious questions of our times rather than braying sheep susceptible to the hysterics of such mass delusions as organized sports. As […]

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Hubba-Hubba …

The Israeli Consulate in New York has come up with an ingenious idea to promote tourism to Israel in the United States: officials there have managed to twist the arms of the most popular US men’s magazine, Maxim, to write a feature about stunning Israeli models. Back when I was under the spell of Roman […]

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Jumblatt’s training camps

I was talking to a friend who lives in the Shouf and apparently there are training camps near Moukhtara. Friends of my friend are going there to learn how to butcher Shi’a meat and then come back to tell him transcendental experiences (so believe me, the story is real). The “Shi’a” come to exemplify the […]

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Damned Proud …?

Bolton calls it “perfectly legitimate and good politics” for the Israelis to try to defeat their enemy militarily as it was acting in its own self-defense. He said he was “damned proud of what we did” in preventing an early cease-fire. What planet do these people come from?

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What’s in a name?

This is why symbols are so important in politics. Israel is busy thinking about how to call the last invasion of Lebanon. Israeli families of dead soldiers are asking the government to officially name it. The government is a bit split on the issue between those who want to call it operation and other who […]

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Thanks to Jumblat and Hariri begging, Chirac will push for Geagea?

So Druze feudal warlord Walid Jumblatt and Sunni oligarch Saad Hariri are pushing French corrupted (in part by the lavish payments of Hariri family) and arms dealer president Jacques Chirac to accept civil war long-time militia-man extreme Christian wacko Samir Geagea as a most appropriate candidate for the presidency of Lebanon? And so Chirac meets […]

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فصل شعري: الصمت العابر كالفضيحة

ما العمل بالصمت؟أيّ حقيقة يكتشف الإصغاء في الصمت؟أنواع من الصمت… لكن أتكلّم عمّا يرفض باستمرار أن يحميكِ!الصمتُ العابر جَسَدَكِ كالفضيحة.لا تُحاولي أنْ تنظري إليَّ. لن أستنجد ضدّ ما أجهل. ضدّ ما أسمع!مَنْ منّا يجرؤ أنْ يجتاز هذا الفرق، و نصفُنا في العتمة؟أتكَّلم عن الصمت الذي قد يَحدث…عندئذ تتهامس المرأة والخنجر قراراتِ اللحظة، والأسباب تهرب…عن الصمت […]

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Friends of Israel …?

“Our commitment to Israel defines us as a nation,” said Republican Norm Coleman of Minnesota, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, adding that the AIPAC lobbyists “help make sure that we don’t forget.” What’s funny is that AIPAC’s leadership has clearly decided not to push publicly for a military solution to the Iranian […]

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Some of Lebanon’s power shifts

Now if you come to think about it, what happened in Lebanon in the last few years is a classical example of shifts in power poles. One need to look at changes happening at the level of organizations and institutions (of the state and related) that deal with security issues, especially if one wants to […]

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Musharraf out

The next regime that is going down is not the Iranian one boys and girls, but the Pakistani one. The US is apparently fed up with Pervez Musharaf and thinks more and more that he is not of such a big help in their war on.. (what?) well in their imperial quest. So they’re looking […]

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Brammertz’ surprises

Gee.. I wonder why is it that the countries not cooperating with Brammertz investigation on the Hariri assassination are mostly those who back the ‘we want the truth’ camp or are in one way or another under the same sphere of influence? According to the latest Brammertz report countries not cooperating are: USA, UK, France, […]

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Obama …?

A poll by the American Jewish Committee revealed that support among Jews for a military strike against Iran had dropped from 49 percent last year to 38 percent atpresent. So I had an interesting conversation today with a Democratic party operative, and she suggested to my absolute astonishment that Obama was purposely aligning his position […]

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Unspeakable …

Several Jewish conferencegoers said they were concerned by Mr. Obama’s remark Sunday in Iowa where, in a reference to the Middle East, he said, “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” What hath AIPAC wrought …

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My Vote …

I see that Anthony Shadid is likely up for a Pulitizer for his coverage of Israel’s summer war on Lebanon. I hope he wins. It was fascinating to compare the NYTimes and WaPost coverage this summer. The editorial pages of both papers were steadily pushing the worst kind of pro-Israel propaganda (in fact, I would […]

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Fun Facts About Arabs …

The Arabs are a proud and sensitive people … Arab behavior has a propensity for conflict … Reasons for Arab conflict may lie again with the family where competitiveness is instilled at an early age, and life generally exists under various forms of intense pressure … In the Arab world there is little stigma placed […]

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