Box Score: Dave 1, Bech 0

Just for the record, Bech is furious that I have mentioned basketball in his blog on the Middle East. He would prefer we present ourselves through this blog as somber intellectual types pondering the serious questions of our times rather than braying sheep susceptible to the hysterics of such mass delusions as organized sports.

As one can glean from this blog, I play Bloom to his Daedalus. Thus, I am always encouraging him to join us lowly beasts of burden by recongizing his status as a domesticated mammal.

So in that spirit, baah, baah, baah!


4 Replies to “Box Score: Dave 1, Bech 0”

  1. Bech should forgive you for your mild case of Hoya Paranoia. And I read that the Final Four will be on the agenda of the forthcoming Arab summit.

  2. True. All relationships require forgiveness and compromise. Thus, I will forgive bech his “moody brooding” and focus later posts on sagessee-riyadi match-ups.

  3. as much as i love guy debord and his hatred of the spectacle, sometimes i wish he would lighten up. maybe he would have ended better.

    that said, most sports fans could seriously “lighten up” as well.

    did i mention uf?

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