"Land day" in Palestinian camp Ain el Heloueh

Meet 1948 Palestinian refugees Fadel Tah and Hussein Ali Issa (they are respectively 86 and 84 years old). I don’t know how Israelis wake up in the morning everyday and get on with their daily lives with this on their conscience.


6 Replies to “"Land day" in Palestinian camp Ain el Heloueh”

  1. Are you joking? These refugees were forced to remain refugees by YOU, their brothers in order to maintain the illusion that some day, one day, they will return home. Come on, live your life and move on. Why are the palestinian refugees better that the Muslim refugees from India who fled (or were forced)out to Pakistan. Or better than the Arab jews from the arab countries who were forced to leave? Come on. With all the money that was given to them, they could have settled and live a better life. But no. YOU, their arab brothers know better…What a shame…

  2. why do you say thing i have never said? why are you angry? do you want to live your destructive illusion more peacefully (with a clearer conscience)? you will always invent more non-sense to justify such misery. You will always try to invoke some other form of oppression (that you don’t care about in the first place) to divert people’s attention from this one but it will not work. this post cannot be about every form of oppression. you can read about the bad way in which arab states have treated refugees in other posts, but this does not mean that the Israelis are not to be blamed for the initial state of affairs.

    Wake up and stop scapegoating. These guys are holding a piece of paper. this piece of paper says that a land is theirs. this land was expropriated in a violent and illegal way by a bunch of other people. That is fucked up. It is not the first time it happens in history nor will it be the last. But it is all the same: fucked up.

  3. So what? It is fucked up and it will continue to be so until the end of times….Do you really believe the Israelis will accept these refugees back?? Wake up…

  4. again you say things i never said. i talked about conscience. i know they will never accept. and this is why i ask myself, how can they live with this on their conscience?

    please next time read the post well and understand its meaning before posting comments.

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