March 14

A lot of people ask me why I don’t write anymore. I don’t like writing when a lot of things are happening at the same time. This tends to obscure my attention. Also I prefer things to cool down before I can talk about them. For example, I won’t write on Imad Mughnieh’s assassination before […]

فصل شعري مع سماحة العلامة آية الله محمد حسين فضل الله: اتركي الحرف ميتاً

(وجدها مستغرقة في القراءة وفي عينيها ظلال حيرة، وأشباح شقاء) اتركي الحرف ميّتاً بين كفيك… وغيبي في موكب الأضواء وافتحي روحك الطليقة لأحلام… تنهل في حقول الضياء إن اهدابك الرقيقة لم تُخلق… لتغفو على الرؤى العمياء إنها للظلال.. تخفق في رفقٍ.. فتنساب… رعشة من ضياء إنها للحياة… تفتح عينيك.. على روعة الضحى الوضّاء حدّقي بي: […]

LF pearls of Wisdom

Former Parliamentary Member Fares Soueid (who I consider to be somewhat of a bourgeois version of the Lebanese Forces nonetheless completely aligned with them) says: Hizbullah falls into the same trap Bashir Gemayel fell in 1977 when he started weakening military institutions and put them under his wing, and then came the invasion in 1982 […]

Hizbullah’s momentum

Hizbullah has not been very verbal about the Israeli killing of two Lebanese in Ghajar near the Wazani river in the South. Now that’s a very unusual stance. Yesterday, when Parliamentary member and leader of the Hizbullah denominated parliamentary committee Mohammad Raad was interviewed on Al Manar TV, there was nothing said about this event. […]