The New Remarkz

Do you like the new interface? As you can see I have definitely reached a new stage in the blogging experience… But all this thanks to the one and only Moussa from Urshalim who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of WordPress and had to listen to me trying to make up my mind […]

The secular and the religious (Part I): Conceptual confusions

Let’s wrap up the concerns that were voiced over the idea of an Islamic State. This text is a bit disarticulate and is mostly a series of thoughts on the question that I fail to more effectively organize. But I have been trying to produce a decent post about this for the two last weeks […]

Civil society busts you in your email

Hey friends, did you know that “civil society” invites you to attend a march that will take place on the 13th of April from the Mar Mikhael Church in Chiyah to Martyr’s Square in downtown? The objective is to remember the ‘martyrs’ who died during the CIVIL (i.e. clan VS clan of people calling themselves […]

Christian desperation to be "different"

A disproportionate number of the Middle Eastern country’s Christian men carry a Y chromosome that is clearly of Western European origin, which scientists believe was carried to the region by Crusaders and pilgrims between the 11th and 13th centuries.This genetic signature is more often seen among Christians, and more rarely in Lebanon’s Muslim or Druze […]