Capturing the security sphere

An important battle is largely passing unnoticed or just briefly mentioned in the Lebanese press, were it not for Nicolas Nassif’s reporting for Al-Akbar, a front page article today on the brutal war unfolding between security service elites. The struggle to monopolize the different (and often contradictory) moukhabarat cells is just another stigma of the […]

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To Countenance Incontinence?

“The match for the world chess championship taking place in Elista, the capital of the Russian republic of Kalmykia, took a bizarre turn yesterday as one side — unsurprisingly, the player who is trailing — accused the other of suspicious behavior during the games and threatened to quit.On a day in which no game was […]

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The Israeli-Syrian front

Can somebody explain why does Israeli Defense minister Peretz makes sign of ouverture to Syria in Haaretz and makes a show of force in Yediot Ahronot? Very Strange. And reports that Syrian and Israeli officials met in july is even stranger. It’s meeting period it seems. And its always like this when all hell is […]

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France protecting Nasrallah?

Now that’s odd, apparently while Israel was trying to assassinate Nasrallah, French planes circled the sky on Monday in order to protect him. Now this is quoted in Annahar and comes from Debka (What? Annahar gets its info from Debka? nevermind…). I could not find the original link on Debka and I don’t really know […]

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While the Arabs are busy trading

In this case these are not mere rumors: Exports to kingdom rise by 10 percent to USD 470,000 in first half of 2006. Israeli companies export to Saudi Arabia medical equipment, fertilizers, minerals, metals, machines and mechanical appliances. But what I really like in this news is how it is strategically pointed (in time) by […]

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Musharraf’s bet

I don’t know what Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf is thinking but something must have broken down between him and the Americans: The US Central Intelligence Agency paid Pakistan millions of dollars for handing over more than 350 suspected al-Qaeda terrorists to the United States, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has reportedly said. Even before that he […]

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On the Saudi Israeli meeting

I don’t understand why people are making such fuss about Olmert meeting with the Saudi king. Even if they did not meet in person Israeli and Saudis have been aligned for years in terms of Israeli-Palestinian issues. In any case this is not another post that is shocked by these possible discussions but by something […]

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Somebody said water?

So for those Lebanese who still live in denial (a substantial part of them it seems), for those who still doubt that Israel has strategic goals in Lebanon and does not just “re-act” to Hezbollah’s presence please read this: an Israeli bulldozer carried out digging work on Tuesday before laying water pipes in the Wazzani […]

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frustration, greed, or ignorance?

So all the others need to do is lift the Iranian flag? But you know why they won’t do it? Because they now are the “real” nationalists (according to the latest rally facts). Nationalistic standards shift like moving sands, just like any other ideology. Keep watching the Lebanese and expect more casualties.

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Lebanon and Switzerland

For those who always compare Lebanon to Switzerland, an excellent article in Assafir by Fawaz Trabulsi arguing that basically you just need look at the institution of the army in Switzerland to understand why both countries have nothing in common. The difference in State’s strength, and how Switzerland can stay neutral are at the heart […]

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Haaretz: A Newspaper or a Cause …?

I don’t really understand the Haaretz newspaper. It often has interesting analyses and opinions that distance it from more ideological and extremist newspapers like the Jerusalem Post and others. But sometimes I receive these rather strange emails inviting me to sign a petition to the United Nations to “stop Iran from getting the bomb.” And […]

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A pope and a father

Okay, so everybody heard about the speech the Pope gave where he literally outdid President Bush, the difference being that the latter uses quotes more than the former (more academic…). But few may have seen what “Father” SAMIR Khalil SAMIR, director of some “research” center (CEDRAC) at the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut wrote in order […]

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Meanwhile in Latin America

Here is an interesting news bit I wish to share and I’ll tell you why: Recent weapons purchases by Venezuela seem excessive and have raised concerns that it may be funneling arms to leftist rebels elsewhere in Latin America, the U.S. military chief for the region said on Thursday.Asked whether Colombia’s Marxist guerrillas could have […]

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