Straight Chillin’: Mukhtara Style …

People often ask me if I ever intend to write about Lebanon. I usually jokingly reply that I want to do a screenplay about Jumblatt and the war — a sort of graft on the Godfather (“every time I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in”) — and I even have my opening shot plotted out (think a younger Walid with lots of Jimi Hendrix and even more hashish smoke). And while I never thought the wacky weed would serve as the bookends for mon oeuvre, I guess I now have my final sequence as well … If for some unimaginable reason that film never gets made, I will forward the photo to the proper authorities as I cannot imagine a better image to warn the kids about the physical dangers of drug use …

Photo is courtesy of, a most excellent blog for those curious about film, Lebanon and other flights of fancy …


9 Replies to “Straight Chillin’: Mukhtara Style …”

  1. yes, health conciousness, that should be the meta-narrative of my screenplay … the purification of lebanon’s soul after years of decadence and degradation …;)

  2. ha! yeah, and my parents may have actually believed me (really mom, this tea from south america is unique in that it’s a smoking tea…) of course, according to your screenplay, the mate he’s drinking could be to counteract the effects of all the hash he just consumed… it is often used in the states as a “healthy alternative” to coffee and tea. so, a health conscious spin…?

  3. well, definitely plenty of things to smoke, and plenty of mate in portland, if that’s what the film needs. but i wouldn’t know about the first part, of course. and don’t know anyone who would know, of course. i just heard about it from wikipedia or something… but i’ve got some mate and a gourd from which to drink it, in case you want to recreate that photo for the film, or just try it out yourself and get into character… see you at the opening!

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