Thank you Sweden

Sweden protests Israeli role in drill Sweden withdrew from an international air force drill to protest Israel’s participation.Sweden and Israel were among nine countries due to take part in next month’s Spring Flag air exercises in Sardinia, intended to boost cooperation for peacekeeping operations.But the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm announced this week that the Swedish […]

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French foreign diplomacy

Hey friends and relatives, Check out the competence of the French Foreign Affairs Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, when dealing with Middle Eastern issues from Lebanon to Iran. This article is truely hilarious… (Thank you M.S. for referring it to me)Just to give an example: La presse israélienne, éberluée, l’a suivi jusqu’au musée Yad Vashem de la […]

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Like in the good old days!

Iran to help Cuban oil industry TEHRAN, April 25 (UPI) — Iran and Cuba have signed wherein the Islamic republic will help Havana modernize its oil industry, IRNA reported.The deal, signed by Iran’s Agriculture Jihad Minister Mohammad Eskandari and Cuba State Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, in Tehran last Saturday, came as part of an economic cooperation […]

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The economy and the Syrian presence

An interesting article by Renoud Leenders (who wrote an interesting chapter of the latest edited book by Steven Heydemann “Networks of Privilege”) translated in the Lebanese daily Al Safir (cannot find the original source) assesses the link all-to-often made between economic problems in Lebanon and the Syrian presence there. He bases his analysis on the […]

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An impression of deja-vu

Look at them… don’t they look like they’re straight out of a nazi history movie?Check how orderly they are, these docile little fascists. What about the banners on the side of the room? Remember how the Swastika use to drop down huge walls. Is it just deja vu or history repeating itself?

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energy price hikes

this is a phenomenon (among so many others) that could result in a serious limitation to your levels of freedom my dear citizens and not some vague account of nationalistic differences. So start diminishing your liberty-hungry expectations because you misrepresented your true enemy.At the end of the day, that’s what ideology is all about.

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The Syrian National News Agency

I just love the guys working at SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency). Look at what they picked to publish on their english version website: Portuguese, Greek Communist Parties Stress Solidarity with SyriaWednesday, April 19, 2006 – 12:35 PMDamascus (SANA)-Member of the International Relations at the Portuguese Communist Party Luis Cribinia expressed solidarity with Syria and […]

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oil for guns

No it is not Saudi Arabia we’re talking about… but Algeria, and its new found business partner Russia. Algeria has decided to spend some of its recent oil and gas fortunes on an array of Russian weapons including MiG fighter planes and other military gadgetry.In return, Russia has earned the rights to Algeria’s lucrative oil […]

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Meaniwhile in Brazil…

Yes Brazil, friends and relatives, they’re enriching uranium just like our friends and relatives in Iran, although the US has declared that there doing it for peaceful purposes..I wonder what’s the criteria to judge if a country’s violation of the treaty on non-proliferation is acceptable for ‘peaceful purposes’. Maybe because Iranian clerics have beards that […]

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this time of the year

Hey friends,just to remind those who don’t live in Beirut or Lebanon for that matter that they can rest at ease: the good smells from the slaughter houses in Dora have resurfaced like every year with the coming of the spring. Right now, I am smelling the vivid inorganic remains of cows and goats while […]

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Hamas in a dilemma

I have to agree with this Haaretz article arguing that Hamas is in an incovenient situation after the attacks performed by the Jihad. I actually wonder how is this going to test the changing nature of Islamic political parties to new position of influence and power. Hamas will grow further apart from the Jihad that’s […]

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Iran here we come

US bent towards serious confrontation. Just added that part: Seymour Hersh’s latest article on the possible US-Iran confrontation. Contains a lot of inside information on the imminent attacks. IranFile

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The Chomsky case

I found Chomsky’s answer to the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis intriguing. He is very ambiguous in his response. I am now convinced that the answer is very political. Something keeps Chomsky away from giving to much importance to the Israeli lobby. My own little theory is that he does not want to create crystallized enemies. I don’t […]

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Israeli lobby paper

It seems that Noam Chomsky questioned the rigorousness of the Walt & Mearsheimer paper. Can somebody tell me why? I can’t find Noam Chomsky’s comment on it: It is a view endorsed by journalist Christopher Hitchens, who has accused the authors of an exercise in Jewish ‘name listing’, and perhaps – most surprisingly – by […]

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Finally somebody speaks

An interesting news amidst the overflow of boring petty political quarrels has finally made it on print. An official reminds us that banks are heavily profiting from the Lebanese debt and throws the debate of the Hariri reconstruction process back on the discussion table.A piece everybody who call himself “Lebanese” should read.Strange though that it […]

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