The perplexing Qatari case

It seems that Bush wanted to attack militarily (or bomb) “Al-Jazeerah’s” headquarter in Doha but that Blair “advised” him not do so.How is this related to the overall position Qatar has been enjoying as a bridge between the US and the “terrorists”? It’s still far from clear, but we are increasingly witnessing how information and […]

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The Jordanian question

One can understand the logic (but not the justification for it of course so that nobody tax me of being an apologist of violence) behind someone blowing himself up in Jordan after reading this: (…)King Abdullah II, himself a former commander of Jordan’s special operations force, has forged ever closer military and intelligence ties with […]

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et Na!

I cannot but smile when I read this: DAMASCUS (Reuters) – Syria has proposed a U.N. investigator interview Syrians over the assassination of a former Lebanese prime minister at U.N. offices on the Golan Heights, a Syrian official said on Wednesday.The official, who asked not to be named, said Damascus would send a foreign ministry […]

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