WINEP concentrates on Hezbollah

With their new website version, the “Syria and Lebanon” page looks like a black list where two names represent the main accusé: Hezbollah and Syria. Check here and here for charges against hezbollah the request for immediate curtailment and disarmament. Behind Hezbollah stands Iran the much more important target.

You also find an ad for Avi Jorish recent book on Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s television station, which I can assure is no ride in the park for Al-Manar.

Notwithstanding he piles of articles against Syria and how it paralyzes the Middle East peace process (i.e. harm Israel’s expansionist interests) and harms democratic aspirations in Lebanon.

US assets in syria

Since Hariri’s assassination, a lot of masks fell, among them some Syrian voices urging for the implementation of UN 1559 and the reform of both the Lebanese and the Syrian regime. Al Safir has an article summing up the main point of these ‘intellectuals’. This is all very beautiful and surreal but beware of US ambitions at this level. Satloff (WINEP) has made it clear that this is the US’s main assets in Syria for the toppling of Bashar, surely not the Muslim Brotherhood (who are not American friendly).

The Lebanese Lobby in the US

Al Hayat runs a very interesting article on the Lebanese lobby, illustrated by a couple of interviews with Ziad Abdelnour and other freaks. Check it out. (Arabic)

Finding the pieces of the puzzle

Well that’s interesting. King Abdallah is condemning Iran and Syria (Hezbollah) as promoting terrorists activities against Israel.

So let’s think about that for a minute:
1- Iran is threatened
2- Syria is practically out but the aftermath needs to be worked out (here and here).
3- Saudi Arabia is nervous over a Shia turbulence from Iraq to its own constituency.
4- King Abdullah is under US and Israeli umbrellas.
5- Saterfield has just declared harsh a critique of Hezbollah
6- The Lebanese opposition is strengthening and will finally assume power, which will bring it either closer to US initiatives or create divsions within it. Unless the US will continually exploit the changes.

Now something else:
1- Hariri was holding secret meetings with Nasrallah’s Hezbollah right before his assassination.
2- Hariri is Saudi and Lebanese. Nasrallah is Lebanese and works with Iranians.
3- Were they discussing regional affairs?
4- I’m sure they were.

What about “constructive instability (Satloff)?

Somebody is mounting the Sunnis against the Shia.
More on these thoughts later on.

Arms deal to China

The Honeymoon is over for Israel according to Ze’ev Schiff who seems very pissed about it:

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz convened the heads of some 50 of the leading defense industry firms in the country yesterday, and warned that they must get written permission from the ministry for any trip they or their representatives make to China, or for starting any business negotiations with the Chinese even if they are selling civilian equipment that happens to be manufactured in an Israeli defense plant.

Daniel Pipes

Draws analogies between Hezbollah and Hamas on the one hand and Nazi ideology on the other. I know he defends Israeli interests, but does he need to do it so openly and in such a discriminative manner? The reasoning runs as follows: Nazi use to hate Jews and tried to exterminate them. Hezbollah and Hamas are like Nazi. Thus Hezbollah and Hamas hate Jews and want to exterminate them.

A history of US and Syrian relations

A comprehensive article for boys and girls of all ages and races who want to understand the basics of US and Syrian relations. Now is the time. This is especially crucial for those who should get out of the Lebano-centric point of view that apparently blinds practically all Lebanese and embrace a more nuanced perspective of what the hell is going on in the region and why the US is suddenly interested tiny little greedy Lebanon.

Only the basics.