WINEP concentrates on Hezbollah

With their new website version, the “Syria and Lebanon” page looks like a black list where two names represent the main accusé: Hezbollah and Syria. Check here and here for charges against hezbollah the request for immediate curtailment and disarmament. Behind Hezbollah stands Iran the much more important target. You also find an ad for […]

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US assets in syria

Since Hariri’s assassination, a lot of masks fell, among them some Syrian voices urging for the implementation of UN 1559 and the reform of both the Lebanese and the Syrian regime. Al Safir has an article summing up the main point of these ‘intellectuals’. This is all very beautiful and surreal but beware of US […]

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Finding the pieces of the puzzle

Well that’s interesting. King Abdallah is condemning Iran and Syria (Hezbollah) as promoting terrorists activities against Israel. So let’s think about that for a minute:1- Iran is threatened2- Syria is practically out but the aftermath needs to be worked out (here and here).3- Saudi Arabia is nervous over a Shia turbulence from Iraq to its […]

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Arms deal to China

The Honeymoon is over for Israel according to Ze’ev Schiff who seems very pissed about it: Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz convened the heads of some 50 of the leading defense industry firms in the country yesterday, and warned that they must get written permission from the ministry for any trip they or their representatives make […]

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Daniel Pipes

Draws analogies between Hezbollah and Hamas on the one hand and Nazi ideology on the other. I know he defends Israeli interests, but does he need to do it so openly and in such a discriminative manner? The reasoning runs as follows: Nazi use to hate Jews and tried to exterminate them. Hezbollah and Hamas […]

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Secret Iraqi Oil plans

Unveiled by journalist Greg Palast (the guy who argued that Bush was not really elected democratically). check out the BBC story and the documents: Why was Paul Wolfowitz pushed out of the Pentagon onto the World Bank?  The answer lies in a 323-page document, secret until now, indicating that the allies of Big Oil in […]

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Still on democracy

The National Review has never been doing as much propaganda as in this article. This is a good example of the bad effects of the democracy mantra.note on the side: It is a shame that Walid Jumblatt is quoted in these articles as being a proof that neocons had the final word. On another level, […]

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The democracy leitmotiv

According to a professor at the Cairo university, water as a strategic resource in the Middle East would be best managed if countries democratize. Check out the article here: “The despotic regimes care more about their own security, their own survival, and so they do not pay attention to the issue of democratization,” said Hassan […]

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on Martin Indyk

A strange article saying that Martin Indyk has leaked classified information on Arab countries (military etc.) to Israel (?). The article does not clearly say. Actually the whole article is not really clear.

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Wolfowitz at World Bank (update)

I picked a couple of good articles on Wolfowitz nomination. One by Jason Vest for the Village Voice, another by Michael Lind for Salon and Rupert Cornwell for the Independent. These article deal with the failures of Wolfowitz (except Cornwell’s to some extent), the fact that he’s a chief neocon, some remarks on his specific […]

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Wolfowitz at World Bank

Eh oui: Mr. Bush is famous for his loyalty to those who are loyal to him, but the idea of nominating Mr. Wolfowitz to a cabinet post was all but out of the question. Senate confirmation hearings would be bruising at best, re-opening raw arguments about flaws in prewar intelligence, troop strength after the fall […]

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Neocons plans for Syria

Gary Leupp on the recent events in Lebanon: “Oh yes, sir, not only is it Afghanistan. There’s a list of countries. We’re not that good at fighting terrorists, so we’re going after states: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Iran. There’s a five-year plan.” (A Pentagon general to Gen. Wesley Clark, Nov. 2001)As someone who […]

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Avnery on Sharansky

My friend Dave told me to check this incisive article on Natan Sharansky by peace actvitist Uri Avnery: We first heard of Natan Sharansky (actually Anatoliy Shcharansky, but the name was simplified and Hebrewized when he came here) as a “dissident” in the Soviet Union. After attracting international attention in Moscow, he was arrested by […]

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John Bolton

A very comprehensive (exhaustive) article on the strident unilateralism of John Bolton (who’s been appointed as ambassador to the UN) by none other than Right Web’s Tom Barry.

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Misinformation at its peak

Everyday opens with the same articles on the internet full of misinformation. For example, take this World Net Daily article titled: Syria out Iran in (Lebanon). Of course there is a whole section on the strategic role Hezbollah plays in all this. Also, the Washington Times on Hezbollah’s “Deadly Record” condemns the increasing US consideration […]

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A bit far fetched

I guess that’s the answer to Al-Seyassah’s simple conspiracy accusations! Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebanon By Wayne Madsen, Online Journal Contributing Writer March 11, 2005—According to high-level Lebanese intelligence sources—Christian and Muslim—former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was reportedly assassinated in a sophisticated explosion-by-wire bombing authorized by […]

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Who controls Lebanon?

Check out this very interesting analysis by Joshua Landis on what really happened in terms of power sharing between Lebanon, Syria and the US. Entre autre: Now that the Syrians have agreed to withdraw their troops, UN Resolution 1559 is dead.(…)Now everyone is trying to understand who won.Did the US win because Syria pulled out […]

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Fareed Zakaria and democracy

The rethorics of democracy continue unabated in the press. Here is an article by Fareed Zakaria: As long-repressed societies in the Middle East open up, we are discovering that their core concerns are not global but local. Most ordinary Arabs, it turns out, are not consumed by grand theories about the clash between Islam and […]

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