Power shifts in Lebanon

Check out my latest article and please give me some feedback. This is a collection of thoughts and argument I make on Lebanon’s political and economic structure in the light of the latest Syrian withdrawal and the subsequent legislative elections. Two main arguments stands from the haphazard way I develop my ideas:1- Social demands are […]

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An emerging bipolar world?

Not yet friends, but detectable moves here and there would make us believe that if Russia and China try to get closer, this would represent a direct challenge for the only current superpower, namely the US. In a Financial Times editorial, this worry is addressed by pointing to the latest “joint military exercise” that group […]

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Producers of knowlege on the loose

Two things I have noticed. First, that no matter how much the US will investigate into alleged Isareli spying, they will always be dependent on Israeli military and security expertise for key issues: JINSA’s mission is to elucidate the important role Israel can play in bolstering American interests as well as the link between Americandefense […]

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The long forgotten Mauritania

Few are the ones that know where Mauritania, but it still is an Arabic country. Basically the only arab country that openly practices slavery. what?Anyway, there was military coup two days ago.A good article appeared in the Times.Also check the Christian Science Monitor’s press review.

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The many faces of Islamism (part II)

I recently showed in “part I” (i.e. in another blog entry) of the flexibility of the ideology of “Islamism” – just as any other ideology for this matter.According to Gideon Levy in the Haaretz, Islamic Jihad says it may recognize the State of Israel.Notice how the organization’s leader Abu Qassam plays with the word “recognition”: […]

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Interesting ideas for Economic Reforms

I wrote an article published in the daily star today about this guy forming a coalition for economic reforms in Lebanon with interesting ideas such as slashing interest rates, tax rates, keep some protection, etc.But most importantly is probably his denounciation of the profit-driven policies installed since the end of the civil war. And so […]

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Ukraine denies talks with Israel on Iran cruise missile return

Israelis will never accept that anyone can try to get weapons. So they move towards newly found US friends. Israel is just one big military factory. Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)08/01/2005Kiev (dpa) – Ukraine’s government on Monday flatly denied discussions with Israel on a possible reversal of a controversial cruise missile sale to Iran, officials at the […]

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