Sunni politics in Lebanon

There are three main (intersecting) orientations “mainstream” Sunni politics perceives (or deal with) more radical militant movements such the brief hollywoodean movement of Sheikh Asir, Jubhat al Nusra or Da’esh (ISIS). 1- To secretly feel that they are scoring points against their more traditional political enemy that is Hizbullah 2- To despise them but have […]

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Isolationism or Regionalization?

Recently the Phalangist MP Sami Gemayel has proposed to “amend the preamble of the constitution to stipulate Lebanon’s neutrality towards regional conflicts”. “We request amending the constitution to clearly state that Lebanon must stay neutral towards regional events,” Gemayel said after the weekly meeting of the party’s political bureau. He elaborated: “We are very concerned […]

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Electoral fever

To follow on Qifa Nabki’s views from a ’72 Benz C250′, I have to share my own experience that happened today on my way to Hamra. At some point, I decided to ask the driver what he thought of the elections coming up. He said: “I am going to be frank with you, I am […]

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For the record

We do not want to clash with the regime, with those who neglect us. Today, we shout out loud the wrongs against us, that cloud of injustice that has followed us since the beginning of our history. Starting from today we will no longer complain nor cry. Our name is not mitwali [a name for […]

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Thanks to Jumblat and Hariri begging, Chirac will push for Geagea?

So Druze feudal warlord Walid Jumblatt and Sunni oligarch Saad Hariri are pushing French corrupted (in part by the lavish payments of Hariri family) and arms dealer president Jacques Chirac to accept civil war long-time militia-man extreme Christian wacko Samir Geagea as a most appropriate candidate for the presidency of Lebanon? And so Chirac meets […]

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Some of Lebanon’s power shifts

Now if you come to think about it, what happened in Lebanon in the last few years is a classical example of shifts in power poles. One need to look at changes happening at the level of organizations and institutions (of the state and related) that deal with security issues, especially if one wants to […]

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Don’t confuse the prey

That is an important article. Whatever you think about Hariri’s assassination, the insistence on pushing for an international tribunal is more about cornering Hizbullah through a more solid institutionally international pressure to comply with fixed rules, then to accuse Syria (in any case, everyone knows from the first to the last 14th of Marcher Lebanese […]

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Iran-Hizbullah relations

It would be interesting to think of relations between Lebanese organization Hizbullah, and the Iranian State (and whatever political fragmentation this ‘state’ entails) as a highly complex one that does not easily fit the description of a State with a Proxy. In this case, any Lebanese ‘local’ interest group or political organization is not a […]

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Just got this email

Boubess Group is firing opposition employees.Boycott all their restaurants for the sake of Lebanese unity:Mandarine, BOB’s, Entrecote, la Piazza & Bennihana plz forward to all… The source? Iranian Mukhabarat. Bouhou!

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Important points to remember

1- The snipers and other gunmen who participated in the killing and injuring of students at the Beirut Arab University work in one way or another for Al Mustaqbal. Don’t try to sell me the “the other did it” argument (Even if there are Syrians and Palestinians they have been subcontracted by Mustaqbal). They are […]

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