Cultural Argument reviewed

Check out this article at Znet assessing some of Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington’s argument. Interesting in some points and overblown in others such as linkink “political Islam” to American foreign policy which is not completely the case. US foreign policy plays a role no doubt about that, but there are internal factors such as […]

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PNAC letter

to increase the level of military forces: We understand the dangers of continued federal deficits, and the fiscal difficulty of increasing the number of troops. But the defense of the United States is the first priority of the government. This nation can afford a robust defense posture along with a strong fiscal posture. And we […]

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Ilan Berman, long time no see

Do you remember the guy who wrote about why confronting Iran is necessary, with a detailed set of policy recommendations on how to go about this? Well, he just wrote an article linking Palestinian “terror” to Iranian aid. It’s good to see how each one of these guys have his own area of work for […]

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Jim Lobe on Douglas Feith

Here: Combined with several other personnel shifts, as well as a concerted effort to reassure the public and U.S. allies abroad that last week’s messianic inaugural address did not portend any dramatic new foreign policy departures, the resignation of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith suggests that the administration is deliberately shedding its sharper […]

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The fallacy in the export of democracy

Read this terrific article by historian Eric Hobsbawm that appeared originally in the December issue of Le Monde Diplomatique: While threatening the integrity of universal values, the campaign to spread democracy will not succeed. The 20th century demonstrated that states could not simply remake the world or abbreviate historical transformations. Nor can they easily effect […]

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Neocons working for a better environment

In this article, Robert Bryce shows how Neoconservatives preaching isolation from the Middle East and Environmentalist groups advocating lower dependence on oil have found common grounds to share: For Woolsey and Gaffney, the fact that energy efficiency and conservation might help the environment is an unintended side benefit. They want to weaken the Saudis, the […]

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US Budget defense cuts

so what about these cuts? we hear about lobbyists winning and the war party suceeding, but in reality major restructuring are taking place. This article summarizes the main points. A sort of who’s getting what kind of analysis.

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Holocaust propaganda

Check out this article by Robert Satloff on the responsibility Arabs should bear for the holocaust! So let see, first Islam is a deadly enemy and second they hate Jews. So here you have it, the perfect target for Israelis. How beautiful ideas can serve the interests of those in power.

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Lobbying George Bush

Everbody heard about the Gala dinner where all the profiteers from the current administration, from Military to Oil tough guys, gathered to drink champagne and rest on the carcass of others. Check out, a detailed list of the profiteers and a stimulating, somewhat to the left, commentary here.

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Sharon and the Left

Interesting article in the Forward. I like this sentence: In a bizarre turn of events, Sharon — for decades the most visible and most vilified symbol of the Israeli right — managed this week to survive as prime minister only because the left and several Arab nationalist lawmakers supported him in a Knesset vote of […]

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Daniel Pipes out of United States Institute for Peace

Finally, a wise decision but thanks to: senators Edward Kennedy, Tom Harkin and Christopher Dodd, all Democrats; Arab and Muslim groups, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations as well as the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and Middle East analysts Judith Kipper of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and William Quandt of the University of […]

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Syria on the rise

Apart from Israeli nervousness over Syro-Russian missile deal, an Arab-American Trade centre is opening in Damascus despite santions. Although the two events are disconnected, it shows that Syria is not completely on the defensive.

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Iranian "moderate" on Lebanon

Check out this article (Dec. 7) by Amir Taheri on the democratic deficit in Lebanon. Apparently The final vestiges of sovereignty were stripped from Lebanon in October. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad summoned Lebanon’s then-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to Damascus for a 12-minute audience in which he demanded that Lebanon’s constitution […]

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Charges against Al Manar intensifies

An article in the National Review sums up the charges against Al Manar’s, including charges against Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and “Islamism”. The main person to thank is Avi Jorish and his memorable paper. Check out in this passage the pervasive influence of ideas (those of Jorish and others) on the economic: Most of al-Manar’s money […]

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