Syria’s Reforms

I took the liberty of quoting an article by Sadhna Shanker (a Delhi-based writer) originally found at Joshua Landis’ blog . The article has a good and detailed description of the different reforms taking place in Syria. Essential for any serious and objective reader of this country’s future (and ipso facto, to any serious and […]

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Not a good time for farming in Iraq

Check out this interesting comment made by Michael Ewens on monopoly creation in Iraq. Farmers would be forced to use specific seeds from American companies. This is part of Iraqi law now. I quote the essential part of Ewen’s comment: Essentially, the US has imposed a system of patents that were unknown to Iraqi farmers […]

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MEMRI (Suite)

By far the most relaxing piece read on the subject. Contains a lot of information on the colonel Carmon, his ex-Israeli intelligence work. What I love is the conclusion: In other words, it would appear MEMRI is an Israeli intelligence operation, or if it is not directly an intelligence operation it more than likely shares […]

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Responding to some guy

Following a discussion on Juan Cole, MEMRI and others , this is what I answered: Dear anonymous, You raised so many problems and unfortunately i don’t have all the time i want to answer everything. i noted down some key points for any future discussion on this type of subject: – When judgement statement are […]

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The MEMRI case

I have already posted stuff on MEMRI. But lately Juan Cole has been threatened by the Colonel (of MEMRI) because of some sort of number he apparently got wrong. Anyway, check out Cole’s second input on his own site where some other guy is quite sceptic about MEMRI’s objectivity in selecting Arab media articles (as […]

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Back in business

Bush has been re-elected and I was kind of paralyzed everytime I thought I had to write or highlight something. Now what do I have for today. Before that let’s do a recap. First, Iran is going to be attacked, it is just a matter of time and excuses to be found. Second, Neocons have […]

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