Hezbollah then Iran

It seems that: A top State Department official informed Congress on Thursday that Iranian cadre were training Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon. step one Gary Leupp interestingly notes: I also want to believe that, following the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s advice, the governments of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan will request the removal of U.S. bases from their territory. […]

US-Israeli relations reach rock bottom

The US is asking for a written apology by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz over the Chinese Arms sale according to Ze’ev Schiff in Haaretz: The U.S. wants to see Knesset legislation enacted within 18 months tightening oversight of military exports, and is demanding a memorandum of understanding be signed. The U.S. also wants a […]

How Bush is planning to invade iran

Michael Klare remind us of the obvious in the Nation: there is no evidence that President Bush has already made the decision to attack Iran. But there are many indications that planning for such a move is well under way–and if the record of Iraq (and other wars) teaches us anything, it is that such […]

The interesting new faces of "Islamic" groups

At last they reveal their true face:I would predict more nuances of that sort are likely to emerge. And I would not be surprised to see more political maturity evolve across the Middle East and across movement labeled as “Islamists”: The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Saturday denounced the explosions in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh resort […]

New heights reached in Chinese and US relations

First, a report published by the Pentagon that basically points China as a dangerous entity “well-beyond Taiwan”. AP writer Robert Burns has a good summary of the current China-US stakes.I guess this came as a reaction to the Chinese general Tour de Force of a couple of days ago. Second, Washington is successfully countering CNNOC’s […]

China is angry

Meanwhile somewhere very far away, a Chinese general is not so happy about American behavior and has threatened to use nuclear weapons if the US tries to confront China over Taiwan: China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan, a Chinese general […]