A step towards the final confrontation

The Turkish press reported that CIA head asked Turkey for support against Iran and Syria after warning Ankara of impeding threat. Well, it seems that the Americans are trying again to approach the Turks who refused to be used for attacking Iraq two years ago. Kurt Nimmo has more detail on the issue. The US […]

A thought on "Lebanese blogosphere" in general

I just received an email by a person who wants to unite the different Lebanese scattered around the globe through the posting of a text wishing merry christmas etc. on the respective blogs of expatriates.I’m not into uniting Lebanese accross the globe. I am for Dissemination. Go breed and copulate with different species my friends. […]

Ramzi’s blog

Friends, please check this interesting and diversified blog by Ramzi Mabsout. You may find that he is not the narrow political commentator I am which is always fine. From Conrad’s extracts to innocent feelings of fear when one mentions Michel Aoun, Ramzi’s blog takes you back and forth over many subjects. Here you have it: […]

Lebanon’s "Cedar revolution" revisited

I was forwarded this article I missed by Jonathan Steele from the Guardian (here published in the Nation) describing the US manipulation of election in countries udnergoing so-called popular upheavals. Steele looks at Ukraine orange revolution but by reading this article you can see how it totally relates to what going on in Lebanon. All […]

GCC meeting

There is still a minimum of diplomacy in the Middle East judging from the lastest GCC meeting. As reported by Reuters: U.S.-allied Gulf Arab leaders called on Monday for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East, but singled out only Israel, not Iran, despite having voiced alarm at Tehran’s nuclear ambitions during their two-day meeting.In a final […]

The lessons of history

Is this ironic or what. The same day Gebran Tueni was assassinated (or one day after), amidst charges and pressures held against Syrians, a US-Syrian team excavated one of the first war-zones of history. The ruining of this Mesopotamian city was qualified by one scientist as a “shock and awe in the 4th millennium BC” […]

Political advocacy European style

I sometime wonder what these ‘think tanks’ are worth, judging from the inflated salaries their “scholars” get. Especially when they look moderate and all. It seems that ICG called: on Beirut to coordinate efforts with donor nations to rebuild southern Lebanon and consult with the various Lebanese factions on how to implement Resolution 1559, which […]