Love Story

A first of its kind in history: An Israeli-Lebanese couple registered under Lebanese law. The story is translated from Arabic by Mideastwire: In its June 29 edition, Al Balad, an independent daily, reported that: “Because the law to boycott Israel restricts the boycott to commercial, financial and military sectors; and because the Lebanese Penal law […]

Israeli operations in Lebanon (updtate)

Hey friends, today for example none of the newspapers except Safir mentioned the investigations over an Israeli spy cell in Lebanon.It is really troubling to watch the deadly silence observed by other media outlet. This piece of information should be on the front line of all newspapers.The other newspaper that reported the news today was […]

politics and football

check this “viciously” reported news:ran’s Football team will be met with a series of protests across Germany during their World Cup campaign as anger mounts against the country’s viciously anti-semitic President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.check out Ahmadinejad characterization of “viciously anti-semitic”. What does it mean?Anyway moving on: The demonstrations were arranged after German neo-Nazis said they intended […]


Les coups de bluff d’Imad LahoudLE MONDE | 30.05.06 | 16h17 • Mis à jour le 30.05.06 | 16h17 Il est insaisissable. Brillant et attachant, incontestablement ; éperdu de reconnaissance, sans doute ; fiable, peut-être pas. Mille petites approximations plus vraies que nature ont toujours émaillé la vie d’Imad Lahoud. Mais lorsqu’il s’est retrouvé seul […]