politics and football

check this “viciously” reported news:
ran’s Football team will be met with a series of protests across Germany during their World Cup campaign as anger mounts against the country’s viciously anti-semitic President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
check out Ahmadinejad characterization of “viciously anti-semitic”. What does it mean?
Anyway moving on:

The demonstrations were arranged after German neo-Nazis said they intended to stage pro-Ahmadinejad welcoming parties in the three cities to show solidarity with Tehran because of its outspoken attacks on Jews and Israel. However, many of the events have been banned by the police or the courts. In addition, the NPD, Germany’s main far-right party, has also called off several rallies, after deciding not to risk tarnishing Germany’s image during the World Cup.

It’s crazier than at first thought.

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