Tied to the whipping post…

Yesterday, I attended a Brookings policy briefing on Syria after the Mehlis report. On hand were Martin Indyk, former US Ambassador to Israel, Flynt Leverett, former NSC official, and Ammar Abdulhammid, the Saban Center’s “resident Syrian.” First some aesthetics: Ammar clearly stole the show, seeming witty and knowledgeable in comparison to the more wooden Leverett, […]

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Syrian Opposition and the US

Well as expected the Syrian opposition is trying to grasp the one time opportunity it may have to take over power positions and displace Assad from the throne. But what was not expected by the media and ideologues at large is to find the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria entertaining links with US officials, discussing possibilities […]

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Syria in the worst position ever

When neoconservatives and so-called liberals agree on what the specific policy to follow should be, it is highly likely that a country under threat from this possible consensus will be dealt with severely.Martin Indyk of the Brookings Institute (ex-US ambassador to Israel, and ex-director of AIPAC) said in the Financial Times that Syria should come […]

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A note on the side

Lately (those who are living in Beirut know what I am talking about), a horrible smell of waste and death coming from the slaughter houses next to Dora (or some other place) is invading the capital, making sure that everyone rich or poor are aware that when it comes down to knowing what’s putrefaction, all […]

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Lebanon an energy producer?

yes possibly, according to my reporting in today’s Dailystar. That would save us a lot of money my friends. And this is serious stuff, many studies have confirmed that should the government accept to dust off the legal books and shuts off the drives of the cartel of oil importers – that by the way […]

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