Syrian Opposition and the US

Well as expected the Syrian opposition is trying to grasp the one time opportunity it may have to take over power positions and displace Assad from the throne. But what was not expected by the media and ideologues at large is to find the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria entertaining links with US officials, discussing possibilities of cooperating with a new regime by relinquishing a sharia based legal structure.
The linked article states that Ali Sadr al Din al Bayanouni of the Muslim brotherhood has asked Farid al Ghadiri, a Syrian opposition figure close to right-wingers in the US and Israel such Nathan Sharanski and others, to “open a line of discussion” with the US, and agreed to accept change on a “secular basis”.
Although traditional opposed to American intervention in the changing of the Syrian regime structure, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria or at least some of its prominent figures have opted for pragmatism in this case.
If this is true – as it was leaked by another opposition figure, writer Nabil Fayad in Al Arabiya – then Syrian politics are undergoing profound changes. One needs to look at these event at the societal level. Alliances are shifting so rapidly that shrewed observers are needed to understand the importance of the changes witnessed.

One Reply to “Syrian Opposition and the US”

  1. Well considering that Iraqi “opposition” groups got over 100 million at least in the lead up to the US invasion, one can imagine that some Syrians might want their turn to milk the cow.

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