A note on the side

Lately (those who are living in Beirut know what I am talking about), a horrible smell of waste and death coming from the slaughter houses next to Dora (or some other place) is invading the capital, making sure that everyone rich or poor are aware that when it comes down to knowing what’s putrefaction, all humans across sects tribes sexes races and other categorizations understand the bitter “truth”.

But isn’t it what they are looking for lately? It seems they forgot that truth either comes thinly disguised with dancing and colourful forms that makes her impossible to grab, or is the sudden and raw manifestation of death or human limits.

One Reply to “A note on the side”

  1. Bech: I think the odor of death and waste is invading all of Lebanon an its not exactly comeing from dora. Am shure that smell of death comes from Irak or Palestine and other places where death has multiplied. Lebanon has known this sinister smell in the past, and I pray that a strong wind will blow to take it away. One thing is for shure, that wind is not comming from the west.

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