At last a sane person

I like how jewish newspapers like to pick up stuff like that (These are the best source you can get on Middle Eastern issues believe it or not, like JTA, Forward etc.): Noam Chomsky saying it’s really the least Iran could do by arming itself in the face of US and Israeli impending threat. Here is the complete “breaking news” that appeared in JTA:

Noam Chomsky said Iran would be “crazy” not to develop nuclear weapons.
Speaking Tuesday to an audience of over 1,000 at University College, Dublin — Ireland’s largest university — Chomsky said, “No sane person wants Iran to have nuclear weapons,” but added that the Islamic republic had to respond to alleged threats from Israel and the United States, both nuclear powers.
Chomsky, a professor emeritus of linguistics at MIT, is in Ireland this week for a series of speaking engagements.

But he’s not the only guy talking about that. Have you read Joseph Samaha lately in his practically daily column in the Safir? He’s probably the only sane person in Lebanon that I know of that’s for sure.

US sanctions firms that sell weapons to Iran

That’s important too. It is mostly Indian and Chinese companies that are targeted.

A newspaper that does not lack imagination

Et pour cause! Check out this article in Al Manar (the Palestinian daily, not to confuse with the Hezbollah TV channel) basically stating that the latest katiousha fired on the north of Israel that were allegedly attributed to Paletinian groups’ activism is in fact the result of a joint Geagea-Jumblatt operation in order to pressure further Hezbollah and Syria.
Well possibly so, the only thing that makes me doubt this version of events is the fact that there are limits to the extent of cooperation Geagea and Jumblatt can achieve. The limits posed by their emotional and intellectual capacities.

Contribution to the creation of the enemy

Lately, several articles on events occuring in Palestinian were geared at analyzing possible establishment of Al Qaeda “bases” in Gaza. Not coincidentally enough, all of these articles were based on the deep thoughts of a ‘fellow’ at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Also it seems that this fellow whose name is Lieutenant General Moshe Ya’alon is a (former or actual?) Israel security agent and the former military chief of staff.
When Hamas is becoming a potential political player to reckon with, Israelis will need other enemies to build a confrontational rethoric on. This article that was published in the Forward is a very good example that shows how such experts. I mean WINEP is getting more ideological and nobody is noticing.