Lebanese diaries

The filth Leader of the Kataeb (Phalangist) Amin Gemayel said yesterday something like: “Nobody gives us lesson on “Resistance”. We were the first to practice “Resistance” back in Tal el Zaatar”. You mean the sadistic pseudo-nazi treatment you administered (before simply killing) against the inoffensive population (women, kids, disabled, and old people) of a Palestinian […]

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Writing (or suggesting) history

Yesterday night, Al Manar aired a documentary on the history of Dahyeh (Beirut’s suburb area) that I could never finish because my friend Cara had some weird craving for a bloody mary at Evergreen. But I happened to watch enough of it to be able to formulate a couple of open ended ideas. It may […]

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Lebanese diary (2)

I don’t want to post often but this is necessary because it touches on our “sovereignty” and our “liberty”: We need to do something about the horrendous rates we pay for virtually everything! We need to break all of the monopolistic practices that plague our economy! We need to destroy all the structures that makes […]

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Ayta Shaab: First impressions

As soon as you start moving away from Sour the last large coastal city of the south before the Israeli border, advertising billboards slowly disappear, and along with it, the English language. The only visuals displayed are those of Hizbullah fighters, flags, and texts related to Shi’ite symbolism according to the various politicized subjects. Amal […]

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فصل شعري: حالة حصار

نُخَزِّن أحزاننا في الجِرار، لئلاَّ يراها الجنودُ فيحتفلوا بالحصار… نُخَزِّنُها لمواسمَ أُخرى، لذكرى، لشيء يفاجئنا في الطريق. فحين تصيرُ الحياةُ طبيعيَّةًّ سوف نحزن كالآخرين لأشياءَ شخصيّةٍ خبَّأتْها عناوينُ كبرى، فلم نَنْتَبِهْ لنزيف الجروح الصغيرةِ فينا. غداً حين يَشْفى المكانُ نحِسُّ بأعراضِهِ الجانبيّةْ. محمود درويش، يناير 2002، رام الله فصول سابقة: Billy Collins, 1Ounsi El Hage, […]

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Lebanese diary

Today we had 4 hours of electricity all in all. We are in 2007. I use a candle to write a post although there is no war (well actually there is one in the north), no major Israeli attack destroying the infrastructure that is. And we are supposed to be the Switzerland of the Middle […]

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When I am killing time in front of a blank page instead of writing for my thesis

I tell an anecdote I was strolling around Bourj Hammoud yesterday with my friend Cara looking for cheap clothes. I was happily surprised to find a bustling street with people walking on sidewalks (for non-Lebanese residents in the world, people actually walking on sidewalks in itself is quite an event in Lebanon, see the previous […]

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Back to Beirut: The Beginning

Since I landed a week ago in Beirut, I have been taken over by a general feeling of weakness (one of the reasons why I did not write since). I’m sure that the humidity has to do with it, and I am ready to bet that Ibn Khaldun and other social theoreticians of the Arab […]

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A poetic Interlude: Le verbe

Sous des dentelles soudéesau nom de l’Occidentla brûlante morsure des motsoxyde……dent Ghérasim Luca, 1973 Ludes, past: Billy Collins, 1.Ounsi El Hage, 1.Henri Michaux, 1, 2.Marianne Moore, 1.Pablo Neruda, 1, 2.Sharon Olds, 1.Theodore Roethke, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.Dylan Thomas, 1.Richard Wilbur, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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The Truth

Having an “international tribunal” deal with the investigation of Hariri’s assassination is somehow laughable when you know that the UN commission of Brammertz has repeatedly declared that the four suspects (Raymond Azar of Army Intelligence, Ali Hajj of the Internal Security Forces, Mustafa Hamdan of the Presidential Guard and Jamil el Sayyed former head of […]

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