Lebanese diary

Today we had 4 hours of electricity all in all. We are in 2007. I use a candle to write a post although there is no war (well actually there is one in the north), no major Israeli attack destroying the infrastructure that is. And we are supposed to be the Switzerland of the Middle East. We also pay the most horrendous rates for well everything usable (from telecoms, to fuel, to etc.). This is a blasphemy to “Sovereignty”. This is the attack (par excellence) against our most cherished “Liberty”.

Today some Lebanese (I wonder how many) closed their cellular phones as a form of protest to the horribly high rates we pay. This was the first national endeavor noticed in the history of Lebanon. So I would like to record it. Inscribe it, give it ‘substance’. Oh, Naharnet does not even mention it.

If they insist on doing national propaganda, maybe Leo Burnett and Saatchi should do an ad of people throwing phones by the window or anything like that (I’m not the advertising creative type so find the suitable scenario), instead of doing an ad of people holding the military salute and walking like zombies in the street (fascists?) at the sight of a Lebanese army soldier.


6 Replies to “Lebanese diary”

  1. bech, from a comment response you made to one of you pose 05.07.2007:

    ” An interesting example is Hizbullah. Why am I interested in this party after all? Not because I have an ‘admiration’ or whatsoever for it but because it is something new so it is interesting, and it is being played out in front of us everyday evolving in unpredictable ways. From a sociological and political point of view, it is really something new to the Middle East. Hizbullah today is possibly the bearer of such a project (resembling the ‘liberal project’). Hizbullah is representing a confession, but its mode of mobilizing, the functioning of its institutions, etc. are totally different from traditional (“Middle Eastern” to select an area) disciplinary forms, and mirrors much more state formation say in Europe. I can elaborate more on this example but I just wanted to mention it for now.”

    i’ve been waiting for you to say exactly that for a year now. thanks. now i know.

    although less corrupt, and more “pure” ( i hate that term) to their ideology then the other political actors in lebanon, some of the hizbullah middle leadership rulers will be corrupted w/ the growing taste of power they’ve had in the last year. also, some of the less ardent shia civilian may become disillusioned w/ the lack of progress in rebuilding, as earlier promised, albeit a good portion of that blame comes from political actors, both internal and external.

  2. Wow. I can’t come up with the right words to express how offensive I found that ad (with the army shit).
    Just change the music and remove people’s smiles and you have a country ruled by martial law.

    The army’s purpose is to fight and defend (or vice versa). We shouldn’t glorify them for doing their job. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate what they do, but we shouldn’t treat them like demi-gods either.


  3. For the record there has been a trun off your phoneday some three years ago i remember. maybe only two. last year shall be excused because of the circumstances. 🙂 very slowly building the national project on resistance to phone companies. 🙂

  4. that ad is actually quite disgusting, i must say. i actually got goosebumps while watching it bc it was so freaky.

  5. Pretty good observations! I think these are the main issue that Lebanese people should objecy about and make demonstrations for instead of any other rubbish thing they do (whether they’re pro-gov or opposition)

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